Definition of snip in English:

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Pronunciation: /snip/

verb (snips, snipping, snipped)

[with object]
Cut (something) with scissors or shears, typically with small quick strokes: she snipped layers into the hair around her face [no object]: she inspected the embroidery, snipping at loose threads
More example sentences
  • The dress is really rough but I have been chopping and snipping it all day.
  • She pulled the scissors from her dress pocket and snipped her hair off.
  • Beth nodded, and unceremoniously snipped the loose ends with a pair of kitchen shears.
cut, clip, slit, nick, notch
cut off, trim (off), clip, prune, chop off, lop (off), dock, crop, sever, detach, remove, take off


1An act of cutting something with small quick strokes: he took a snip at a dandelion on the grass
More example sentences
  • The tips should be sharp enough to trim closely with a single snip.
  • The blades came to the end of their path with a sharp snip; one hand caught the strip before it could fall and laid it down carefully among a neat pile of equally-curled strips.
  • After a few snips here and there, Tara looked into the mirror, and her face lit up.
cut, slit, nick, notch, incision
1.1A small piece of something that has been cut off: the collage consists of snips of wallpaper
More example sentences
  • They don't just only look hugely attractive; they will also deliver snips of foliage to enliven your cooking all summer.
1.2 (the snip) British informal A vasectomy: about 6,000 men get the snip every year, and numbers are increasing
More example sentences
  • Now I'll have to fend off those nasty questions about getting the snip!
  • Then she told me it was time to get the snip.
  • Scots are turning their backs on the snip.
2North American informal A small or insignificant person: imagine that little snip telling me I was wrong!
3 (snips) Hand shears, especially for cutting metal: use tin snips
More example sentences
  • They had tried everything: pliers, tin snips, saws, even a blow torch.
  • Rolled Vinyl with Aluminum channel backing requires a hammer, nails, metal snips and a tape measure.
  • The material is held down with standard roofing nails, and can be cut with snips or a utility knife.
4 [in singular] British informal A surprisingly cheap item; a bargain: the wine is a snip at £2.65
More example sentences
  • See for yourselves and get a 30 per cent discount on this title into the bargain - a snip at just £13.29.
  • At 15.99, it's a snip for the Christmas stocking.
  • Where they triumph is in their cheerfully cheap black nylon and leather combination - something of a snip at £15.
4.1 dated A thing that is easily achieved.


Mid 16th century (in the sense 'a shred'): from Low German snip 'small piece', of imitative origin.

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