Definition of somewhat in English:


Syllabification: some·what
Pronunciation: /ˈsəmˌ(h)wät, ˈsəmˌ(h)wət/


To a moderate extent or by a moderate amount: matters have improved somewhat since then [as submodifier]: a somewhat thicker book
More example sentences
  • Also this post would be rather dull, and somewhat limited if I did not quote the email.
  • Matters were getting somewhat out of hand with those native to the city finding it hard to get a house.
  • Following the link took me to a page somewhat like this, which was all rather scary to say the least.
a little, a bit, to some extent, (up) to a point, in some measure, rather, quite, some
informal kind of, kinda, sort of, sorta


somewhat of

Something of: it was somewhat of a disappointment
More example sentences
  • Far fewer people speak English in the suburbs, so going out for dinner becomes somewhat of an adventure.
  • Hiding what I disapprove of on my face is somewhat of a challenge.
  • Like Winston, he noted how the debate has come to somewhat of a standstill.

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