Definition of sporadic in English:


Syllabification: spo·rad·ic
Pronunciation: /spəˈradik


Occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated: sporadic fighting broke out
More example sentences
  • Until then, her art had been experimental, uneven, sporadic.
  • It all adds up to a very uneven, sporadic film experience.
  • This neighborhood is plagued by constant deterioration because of absentee landlords, lack of income to repair homes, few employment opportunities, crime, sporadic city services, and so on.


late 17th century: via medieval Latin from Greek sporadikos, from sporas, sporad- 'scattered'; related to speirein 'to sow'.



Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • Or would you like me to repeat it sporadically over a two hour period?
  • Tight circles of light begin to appear, sporadically.
  • It's a laudable philosophy but one that he adheres to only sporadically.

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