Definition of spotlight in English:


Syllabification: spot·light
Pronunciation: /ˈspätˌlīt


1A lamp projecting a narrow, intense beam of light directly onto a place or person, especially a performer on stage.
More example sentences
  • When the stage is dimmed, spotlights are used to create a tight arc of light in which Roberts and Corbert perform.
  • For two evenings in December, Camelo was performed, with stage drapes and a spotlight, in the window of the New Museum before the holiday shoppers bustling up and down Broadway.
  • A new computerized light sculpture consisted of a bank of nine stage spotlights.
1.1A beam of light from a spotlight: the knife flashed in the spotlight
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  • They part to reveal a man hanging upside down from a wall upstage, and a woman, standing in a spotlight down stage, reaching out to him.
  • The couple is now shown doing the same dance they introduced 45-odd years ago and it looks really embarrassing, particularly as they have to perform in a spotlight in front of some sort of silly logo.
  • Though she is speaking, Marlowe is in the spotlight.
1.2 (the spotlight) Intense scrutiny or public attention: she was constantly in the media spotlight
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  • Instead of stepping out of the spotlight, she offers herself up for intensive scrutiny, delving into her own foibles and failures with astonishing candour.
  • It's rare to see many people share the spotlight together.
  • Both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have remained in the spotlight more for their personal problems than for their singing.
public eye, glare of publicity, limelight, center stage;
focus of public/media attention

verb (past and past participle spotlighted or spotlit /-lit/)

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1Illuminate with a spotlight: the dancers are spotlighted from time to time throughout the evening
More example sentences
  • Pronto, stage left, a gent in impeccable evening attire, his face spotlit, appears.
  • One scene shot at night spotlights a cluster of ordinary folk near a stand of trees; from bare branches dangle two refrigerators, each suspended from a rope.
  • He wrapped the rotunda in a translucent scrim, thus transforming the ramp of Frank Lloyd Wright's building into a tunnel, within which the individual garments were dramatically spotlit.
1.1Direct attention to (a particular problem or situation): the protest spotlighted the overcrowding in federal prisons
More example sentences
  • This was the first of several films that Capra would make spotlighting the plight of the common man overcoming the deception and greed of the rich fat cats.
  • As one might expect, this collection spotlights the massive amount of work that took place before the cameras even began rolling.
  • The national fight to curtail factory hog operations and support sustainable approaches to pork production will be spotlighted at a national Hog Summit in mid-2003.
focus attention on, highlight, point up, draw/call attention to, give prominence to, throw into relief, turn the spotlight on, bring to the fore

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