Definition of squirrel monkey in English:

squirrel monkey

Syllabification: squir·rel mon·key


A small South American monkey with a nonprehensile tail, typically moving through trees by leaping.
  • Genus Saimiri, family Cebidae: five species, in particular S. sciureus
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  • The primate data comprised a portion of the mitochondrial DNA from a human, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, an orangutan, a gibbon, a macaque, a squirrel monkey, a tarsier, and a lemur and had previously been analyzed using MCMC methodology.
  • By comparing GHR sequences from the squirrel monkey, the rhesus monkey, the baboon, and the human with the nonprimate consensus sequence at 24 functionally important sites, we identified 10 amino acid changes in simians.
  • The phylogeny of the eight monkeys is relatively well established, except for the interrelationships of the owl monkey, squirrel monkey, and tamarin.

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