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Pronunciation: /ˈstadik/


1Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting: demand has grown in what was a fairly static market the whole ballet appeared too static
More example sentences
  • The land is scaped, first and foremost, through bodily movement, not through static enframement.
  • A typical static movement would be pushing against a wall and holding it.
  • I have been confident because a market isn't static.
unchanged, fixed, stable, steady, unchanging, changeless, unvarying, invariable, constant, consistent
1.1 Computing (Of a process or variable) not able to be changed during a set period, for example, while a program is running.
Example sentences
  • First, we use objdump to retrieve all static variables, for this is where the encryption key and the encrypted shell text are stored.
  • It sets up a static variable called addr data based on the number of different types of chips that this driver supports and the addresses at which these chips typically are present.
  • The bounds checking patches for GCC can check local and static variables in C modules, which makes it much more powerful than a malloc debug library.
2 Physics Concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium. Often contrasted with dynamic.
Example sentences
  • The body exerts forces normal to the direction of travel that result in a static friction force against which the rest of the body can be pushed or pulled.
  • To get the upper surface sliding, a lateral force has to lift the teeth out of the grooves - that force is static friction.
  • The average forces may be considered as static forces and are used for evaluation of the balance condition of the cutting structure.'
2.1(Of an electric charge) having gathered on or in an object that cannot conduct a current.
Example sentences
  • One possible explanation for the asymmetric conductance is the static charge distribution in the channel interior.
  • However, be aware that poured beads are extremely light-weight and take a static electric charge very easily.
  • Instead, it had an electrical feel to it, like a static charge.
2.2Acting as weight but not moving.
Example sentences
  • In static weight, the reduction of every ounce of the wheels weight is equal to four ounces on the sprung part.
  • To make sure, they reduced the static magnetic field, thereby displacing the resonant slice and, with it, the separation needed between tip and spin.
  • The laser beam for Raman excitation was focused to a static diffraction limited spot in the center of the focal plane.
2.3Of statics.
3 Computing (Of a memory or store) not needing to be periodically refreshed by an applied voltage.
Example sentences
  • Method of emulating a dual-port memory device using an internally cached static random access memory architecture
  • We wrote a Perl script to perform most of the conversion automatically, fixing a few details by hand and changing memory allocations from static to dynamic.


1Crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio, or other telecommunications system.
Example sentences
  • Through the crackling static we hear a radio DJ speaking Taiwanese.
  • Jonah opened his eyes and the voice in his mind instantly became a squeal of static that hissed and crackled.
  • Recently he has become interested in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), detecting voices from the spirit world buried in radio static or white noise.
1.1 short for static electricity.
Example sentences
  • Through the electrical static of a massive storm, he finds himself talking to a man who claims to be a firefighter and who appears to be awaiting the World Series of 1969.
  • Her computer was on, humming the usual electric static that always seemed to bug her.
1.2North American informal Angry or critical talk or behavior: the reception was going sour, breaking up into static



Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
Example sentences
  • Nothing captures how statically we used to see the Internet as well as ‘information highway,’ an old phrase that embodies pure linearity and the smell of asphalt.
  • Yet almost unnoticed, Scotland statically boast the most successful line out in the tournament with the highest percentage of wins on their own throw and most steals against the opposition.
  • This result indicates that water molecules are not statically associated with the interface, but continuously exchange with the bulk solvent on a 1-10-ps time scale.


Pronunciation: /-ikē/
Example sentences
  • During winter months, when there's not much humidity in the air, hair loses moisture and gets very staticky.
  • Think of your car radio going staticky in a tunnel.
  • The voice was a little staticky from the long distance.


Late 16th century (denoting the science of weight and its effects): via modern Latin from Greek statikē (tekhnē) 'science of weighing'; the adjective from modern Latin staticus, from Greek statikos 'causing to stand', from the verb histanai. Sense 1 of the adjective dates from the mid 19th century.

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