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Syllabification: ster·e·o·spe·cif·ic
Pronunciation: /ˌsterē-ōspəˈsifik, ˌsti(ə)r-


(Of a reaction) preferentially producing a particular stereoisomeric form of the product, irrespective of the configuration of the reactant.
More example sentences
  • Enzymes have been widely praised for their specificity and efficiency in stereospecific catalysis.
  • Third, the reactions are ordinarily very stereospecific.
  • This observation seems inconsistent with the hypothesis that myosin heads bind to actin in a stereospecific conformation in low ionic strength relaxing conditions.



More example sentences
  • The result is that the hydration of fumarate proceeds stereospecifically with the production of L-malate.
  • Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of the C - 6 methyl enol ether affords codeinone, which may be stereospecifically reduced with sodium borohydride to codeine.
  • Nevertheless, the data presented here are consistent with the idea that during isometric contraction a large fraction of cross-bridges is stereospecifically attached to actin in a nonrigor-like conformation.


Pronunciation: /-ˌspesəˈfisitē/
More example sentences
  • For the first time, we observe that the acyl binding site of cholesterol esterase shows stereospecificity for diastereomeric inhibitors.
  • While this lack of stereospecificity does not establish that the oxidation is artefactual (the chiral centre is five bonds away from the aldehyde group) it was, nevertheless, cause for disquiet.
  • However, further experimental verification of label stereospecificity will be provided by bifunctional spin probes whose orientation and mobility are restricted by two attachment sites.

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