Definition of stinking in English:


Syllabification: stink·ing
Pronunciation: /ˈstiNGkiNG


  • 1Foul-smelling: he was locked in a stinking cell
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    • She is a visionary, driven by a remarkable energy, determined and brave, undeterred by threats and harassment and numerous arrests and uncomfortable nights in stinking police cells.
    • This blight was caused by a fungus, Phytophthora infestans, and its effect, where it took hold, was to destroy crops almost completely, leaving farmers with nothing but stinking black rotten remains of the tubers.
    • Thousands of prisoners every morning have to get up and empty the stinking chamber pots which have sat in their cells overnight.
    foul-smelling, smelly, reeking, fetid, malodorous, rank, putrid, noxious
    informal stinky, humming, funky
    literary miasmic, noisome
  • 1.1 informal Very bad or unpleasant: a stinking cold
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    • Tonight will be spent having a couple of quiet ones at Le Pub - I've only just got over jetlag so wouldn't want to jeopardise my recovery by turning up to work with a stinking hangover tomorrow.
    • A severe attack usually coincides with a stinking hangover and can start as early as midday, from whence I will spend the rest of the weekend brooding on the inevitability of Monday morning.
    • Achievement of the day: got up and down a 4000 metre mountain in under fourteen hours, with a stinking cold, and no sleep at the halfway shed due to aching sinuses and the general lack of air.
    horrible, nasty, foul, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, ghastly, vile, rotten


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  • Extremely: she is obviously stinking rich I want to get stinking drunk and forget
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    • Grumpy, middle-aged restaurant reviewers spending Sunday Times dosh with bad grace, used-up sloaney jet trash, PR moppets on expense accounts and the truly stinking rich, that's who.
    • All quibbles about the merits of that series aside, as an English major, it makes me happy when an author of prose fiction becomes stinking bloody rich.
    • It's just that once he became so stinking rich he couldn't hope to ever spend it all on himself, he got interested in building a legacy rather than a personal fortune.



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  • Sentimental liberal internationalism - everything has to be done through the U.N., no matter how stinkingly corrupt and ineffectual it is - is just as inadequate to the challenges of the age.
  • I took the train down from Edinburgh yesterday, and didn't realise until I stepped out of the carriage precisely how stinkingly hot it is at the moment.
  • Nevertheless, in the strain and stress of my poverty, I am aware I am stinkingly rich in comparison to most of the people in the world.

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