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Syllabification: street
Pronunciation: /strēt

Definition of street in English:


1A public road in a city or town, typically with houses and buildings on one or both sides: the narrow, winding streets of Greenwich Village [in place names]: 45 Lake Street
More example sentences
  • It has become impossible to pass through streets and roads at night because of dogs.
  • Do you know how hard it is to walk through the shattered streets of my city and see how hard it fell?
  • The amount of chewing gum stuck on roads and streets around the country drives me up the wall.
road, thoroughfare, avenue, drive, crescent, boulevard;
side street/road, lane, highway
1.1 (the street) US Used to refer to the financial markets and activities on Wall Street.
Example sentences
  • Everybody on Wall Street knows that this firm does by far the best equity research on the Street.
  • Vilify the Street all you want but the fact remains that the top 10% of income earners provide over 70% of the U.S. Government Tax Revenue.
1.2 (the street/streets) The roads or public areas of a city or town: every week, fans stop me in the street
More example sentences
  • The morning of our High Court appearance a huge crowd of students held up the streets.
  • Children will be given the chance to use the climbing wall in an effort to get them off the streets.
  • The sky is grey and unemployment is high, and the streets are awash with plastic bags.
1.3 [as modifier] Of or relating to the outlook, values, or lifestyle of those young people who are perceived as composing a fashionable urban subculture: New York City street culture
More example sentences
  • His car looked out of place and his use of urban street lingo was confusing.
  • More than just something to put on your feet, sneakers have been part of street culture, sports and fashion for decades.
  • When you go to music industry events, you find people who say they want to represent this urban music, this street thing.
1.4 [as modifier] Denoting someone who is homeless: he ministered to street people in storefront missions
More example sentences
  • About a quarter of our clients are homeless street kids, but the rest live and work in Hollywood.
  • The perception that many people have of street beggars and the homeless is that they are a bunch of alcoholics or drug addicts.
  • He spoke to me as a homeless street kid, and he continues to do so.
1.5 [as modifier] Performing or being performed on the street: street theater
More example sentences
  • The intimacy and immediacy of street performing comes naturally to the free-spirited songwriter.
  • The dangerous spirit of street performing informs the whole show.
  • Wenner is a performing visual artist who turns the celebratory folk art of street painting into a performance art spectacle.


Old English strǣt, from late Latin strāta (via) 'paved (way)', feminine past participle of sternere 'lay down'.


on the streets

Example sentences
  • I have seen our lost generation of young people, in hostels for the homeless or out on the streets.
  • A homeless woman is back on the streets again after being evicted from a telephone box.
  • The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Bedford has risen in the last year.
homeless, down and out, of no fixed abode
2Working as a prostitute.
Example sentences
  • There would be a lot less prostitutes on the streets where anything can happen to them.
  • I was homeless, working as a prostitute on the streets of the red light area of Leeds.
  • Many of the other girls on the streets would go to her when they needed physical protection.

streets ahead

British informal Greatly superior: the restaurant is streets ahead of its local rivals
More example sentences
  • He is streets ahead of anyone else, and Ian McGeechan could not lace Jim Renwick's boots as far as I am concerned.
  • With Roger Federer head and shoulders above everyone at the very top, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt and Safin are streets ahead of the rest.
  • As a football team we were streets ahead of them, but they got a penalty and a breakaway goal.



[in combination]: a many-streeted tangle of low, brick buildings


adjective& adverb
Example sentences
  • It appeared to have derived from a structure that stood streetward of the outbuilding.
  • As midday crowds watched from sidewalks and shops, rescue helicopters set gingerly down on the building top, their rotors pushing smoke streetward as they landed.
  • Soon she is hurtling streetward as an Agent blasts away at her.

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