Definition of stringy in English:


Syllabification: string·y
Pronunciation: /ˈstriNGē

adjective (stringier, stringiest)

1(Especially of hair) resembling string; long, thin, and lusterless.
More example sentences
  • He was pale, bony and angular with stringy hair, and he strutted around the living room with a rat on his shoulder.
  • A thin zombie-like man with yellow sallow skin, long stringy hair and bloodshot eyes stared at them.
  • You might have a clue - you've heard some guys ragging on Sam's baggy jeans, stringy hair and glossless lips.
straggly, lank, thin
1.1(Of a person) tall, wiry, and thin.
More example sentences
  • I don't know why, just a bad vibe I got from her and her stringy husband.
  • Older and calmer than most of the stringy teenagers, he has been coming to the university for five years.
  • No one was paying attention to the door, so when a very polished, upper-class stringy man walked in, it took awhile for people to notice.
1.2(Of food) containing tough fibers and so hard to eat.
More example sentences
  • Sometimes I've had lobster rolls where the meat was stringy and hard to bite through.
  • The bits of cellophane still attached provide an interesting textural contrast to the spongy dough and stringy cheese.
  • The concept is warm, stringy cheese curds and gravy running down my beard.
1.3(Of a liquid) viscous; forming strings.
More example sentences
  • The muzzle of the beast was pulled back into a grotesque smile revealing jowls full of razor teeth, dripping with thick, stringy saliva.
  • When you stir, it should be reasonably smooth but a little stringy.



More example sentences
  • She had straight brown hair that hung stringily down her back, and was wearing, like everyone, a bright blue jumpsuit with a number on the back.
  • Her right arm was bleeding, and her long hair fell stringily into her face.
  • His hair was falling stringily over his face and we started singing the William Tell Overture.


More example sentences
  • When purchasing choose stalks that are bright coloured, wilted or flappy stalks indicate stringiness.
  • Someone once suggested peeling the stringiness off and eating the rest.
  • In spite of his stringiness, he moved quickly and silently.

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