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Syllabification: strong
Pronunciation: /strôNG

adjective (stronger /ˈstrôNGgər/, strongest /ˈstrôNGgist/)

  • 1Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks: she cut through the water with her strong arms
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    • Polar bears have a heavy stout body with strong muscular legs and well-developed neck muscles.
    • Get these out of the way while you're fresh and strong enough to use heavy weight.
    • The man facing them was taller than both by a few inches, and had strong, brawny arms.
    powerful, muscular, brawny, powerfully built, strapping, sturdy, burly, heavily built, meaty, robust, athletic, tough, rugged, lusty, strong as an ox/horse
    informal beefy, hunky, husky
    dated stalwart
  • 1.1 [attributive] Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully: he was not a strong swimmer
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    • Thresher sharks can grow up to 20 ft and are strong swimmers who can completely vault out of water.
    • The spokesman explained that, if caught in a rip tide, strong swimmers should swim for shore at a 45 angle to the current.
    • Myra's grief was tinged with guilt that she, the strong swimmer who could have saved him, should have been there with him that day.
  • 1.2Exerting great force: a strong current
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    • He slowly backed out of the stream before the rush became too strong to resist.
    • We've got a pretty strong south wind.
    • Although there was a very strong wind we managed a swim in the Atlantic.
    forceful, powerful, vigorous, fierce, intense
  • 1.3(Of an argument or case) likely to succeed because of sound reasoning or convincing evidence: there is a strong argument for decentralization
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    • Does that argument reveal a strong case for electoral reform in Canada?
    • The evidence suggests that a strong case can be made for a planned strategy using militia.
    • If the case is as strong as it sounds, then it may settle on favorable terms to the white plaintiffs.
    compelling, cogent, forceful, powerful, potent, weighty, convincing, sound, valid, well-founded, persuasive, influential
  • 1.4Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success: the competition was too strong
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    • Fear is a powerful motivator, and it takes strong ethics to resist the temptation to abuse it.
    • He said attitudinal change among the people is a strong weapon to defeat the cult of violence.
    • I resisted the strong temptation to tell him to go jump off a cliff, and kept quiet.
  • 1.5Powerfully affecting the mind, senses, or emotions: his imagery made a strong impression on the critics
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    • Her crunch has the ability to sense strong emotion and she could track me here.
    • In the minds of Chinese, this history inspires a strong sense of indignation.
    • Her strong sense of duty called to mind her grandfather George V and Queen Victoria.
  • 1.6Used after a number to indicate the size of a group: a hostile crowd several thousand strong
  • 2Able to withstand great force or pressure: cotton is strong, hard-wearing, and easy to handle
    More example sentences
    • By 1216 the castle was sufficiently strong to withstand a siege by forces opposed to King John.
    • Basically any pumpkin that is strong enough to withstand sharp carving tools can be used for making designs.
    • You are entitled to goods which are not faulty and are strong enough to withstand normal use for a reasonable period of time.
    secure, well-built, indestructible, well fortified, well protected, impregnable, soliddurable, hardwearing, heavy-duty, industrial-strength, tough, sturdy, well-made, long-lasting
  • 2.1(Of a person’s constitution) not easily affected by disease or hardship.
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    • Hmm, you've got to have a pretty strong constitution to whack down two uncooked eggs as Mr Hogg suggests.
    • And, frankly that would have any man with a strong constitution running for The Other Bus.
    • To explore the hole you needed a very long ladder and a strong constitution: it stank and was crawling with rats.
  • 2.2Not easily disturbed, upset, or affected: driving on these highways requires strong nerves
    More example sentences
    • The British male, once known for his strong emotional reserve, is turning into what some might call a cry baby.
  • 2.3(Of a person’s character) showing determination, self-control, and good judgment: only a strong will enabled him to survive
    More example sentences
    • Despite being paralysed from the neck down after a car accident, Clive was a strong and independent character, she said.
    • A man possessed of a strong independent spirit, he lived on his own in Derreens until his early nineties.
    • The new Bollywood stars are role models for them, strong, independent and bold.
    forceful, determined, spirited, self-assertive, tough, tenacious, indomitable, formidable, redoubtable, strong-minded
    informal gutsy, gutty, feisty
  • 2.4(Of a market) having steadily high or rising prices.
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    • It is prudent to be cautious, especially in a strong market where prices are high.
    • Analysis of historical data shows that strong market runs are followed by periods where indexes mark time.
    • Certainly a strong recovery and a rising stock market will increase tax revenues.
  • 2.5Firmly held or established: a strong and trusting relationship
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    • I look forward to establishing a strong working relationship with you and to continue representing your company.
    • They have strong beliefs, but strong beliefs firmly anchored in the real and the achievable.
    • This Institute has already established a strong track record in the research arena.
    keen, eager, passionate, ferventkeen, eager, enthusiastic, dedicated, staunch, loyal, steadfast
  • 3(Of light) very intense.
    More example sentences
    • Bright lights, especially flashing lights, and strong smells, can also bring on an attack.
    • Sometimes we had to break down doors, and that was hard for my guys who are going from strong sunlight into interiors that could be hostile.
    • Throughout the dream, I am overwhelmed by a strong smell of dampness.
  • 3.1(Of something seen or heard) not soft or muted; clear or prominent: she should wear strong colors
    More example sentences
    • The male with the wheat colored hair and strong hawk like feature came forward, behind Mint, surprising her.
    • This collection as usual, featured lots of strong colors and a variety of shapes.
    • She heard Vasic's voice, soft yet strong enough to cut through the chatter.
    loud, powerful, forceful, resonant, sonorous, rich, deep, booming
  • 3.2(Of food or its flavor) distinctive and pungent: strong cheese
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    • The chicken tasted very fresh and the sauce was delicious with a strong mustard flavour.
    • It proved fresh and filling with a strong tomato flavour and far too much pasta for a mere mortal to consume in one session.
    • It had a dark orange sauce with a strong coconut flavour that was really quite enticing.
    highly flavored, flavorful, piquant, tangy, spicy
  • 3.3(Of a solution or drink) containing a large proportion of a particular substance; concentrated: a cup of strong coffee
    More example sentences
    • To drink strong liquor is also useful since nights get rather cold on the grasslands.
    • The jury heard how Hart had drunk strong coffee repeatedly as he drove, had the driver's window wound fully down and the car radio on.
    • Also on display was his lager and strong ale, so we gave it a quality control test, to make sure that they still tasted good.
  • 3.4(Of language or actions) forceful and extreme, especially excessively or unacceptably so: the government was urged to take strong measures against the perpetrators of violence
    More example sentences
    • Apart from the sexually explicit scenes, the language is very strong.
    • Their language is so strong, we've got to redefine, we've gotta take back words.
    • The language is strong beyond maximum Trebor strength yet never jars; the performances even stronger.
    firm, forceful, drastic, extreme
  • 3.5 Chemistry (Of an acid or base) fully ionized into cations and anions in solution; having (respectively) a very low or a very high pH.
    More example sentences
    • Addition of a strong base to a solution of a strong acid is just the reverse process.
    • This process is complicated by the fact that nitric acid acts as a strong oxidizing agent as well as an acid.
    • They require either a strong oxidizing agent to react with an acid or they undergo no reaction at all.
  • 4 Grammar Denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by a change of vowel within the stem rather than by addition of a suffix (e.g., swim, swam, swum) ; contrasted with weak.
    More example sentences
    • It is very concrete, and consists of strong nouns and a strong verb, with no modifiers.
  • 5 Physics Of, relating to, or denoting the strongest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts between nucleons and other hadrons when closer than about 10−13 cm (so binding protons in a nucleus despite the repulsion due to their charge), and which conserves strangeness, parity, and isospin.
    More example sentences
    • Protons and neutrons are held together in a nucleus of an atom by the strong force.
    • His special theory of relativity does not work around strong gravitational fields.
    • In a strong electric field, free electrons can be accelerated onto its inner surface.


come on strong

  • 1Behave aggressively or assertively, especially in making sexual advances to someone.
    More example sentences
    • No matter - a guy too gentle at heart to convincingly come on strong is welcome in this era of musical command sexuality, and he's certainly no prude.
    • So she drives me to the beach, two minutes from where I'm staying, and starts coming on strong.
  • 2Improve one’s position considerably: he came on strong toward the end of the round
    More example sentences
    • ‘He is coming on strong and improves season on season,’ the Celtic manager said of the Bulgarian midfielder.
    • SuperTarget is coming on strong, considering its two stores hold 1.6 percent of the market, adding a 0.75 percentage point over the year.
    • Price came on strong toward the end of last season.

going strong

informal Continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful: the program is still going strong after twelve episodes
More example sentences
  • The radio station turned out to be very successful and is still going strong.
  • Spirit photography may have faded away, but spiritualism itself is going strong.
  • The Champions are still going strong after all these years, and continue to be a very entertaining outfit.

strong on

Good at: he is strong on comedy
More example sentences
  • Lord of the Rings and Moulin Rouge are both strong on spectacle, and as such they're very unusual ‘Best Picture’ candidates.
  • But when a comic book is strong on content, this becomes less important.
  • It's strong on atmosphere, with its blue-grey waterscapes and grimy clinches in cramped cabins, and best of all, it doesn't try to do too much.
Possessing large quantities of: our pizza wasn’t strong on pepperoni
More example sentences
  • ‘New Labour is very strong on explaining politics to people,’ he said.
  • The first real surprise, though, is the sheer scale of the menu, which is exceptionally strong on seafood.
  • Daily Ireland is cleanly executed, very strong on sport - there is even a page on disabled sport - and has a useful business page.

one's strong point

Something at which one excels: arithmetic had never been my strong point
More example sentences
  • However, reliability is nor your strong point.
  • But you're go-getting ways prevail, and you take charge of what's important because prioritizing is your strong point.
  • Sociology and statistics don't seem to be your strong point, Mr Newton.



More example sentences
  • My ideal political scenario would be Labour c.2002 and a strongish Alliance Party.
  • So far back was the tee on a day when the hole was played into a strongish breeze, that many of the field were unable even to reach the fairway.
  • On the other hand, Damase's Quatre Facettes on the final track are generally of a strongish character.


More example sentences
  • We would strongly advise that vehicles are not left unattended with the engine running.
  • War and media are linked so strongly that their synergy is something to behold.
  • They use their cars to save time and strongly dislike other forms of transport.


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German streng, also to string.

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