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Syllabification: su·per·he·lix
Pronunciation: /ˈso͞opərˌhēliks

noun (plural superhelices /-ˌheləˌsēz, -ˌhēləˌsēz/ or superhelixes)

  • A helical structure formed from a number of protein or nucleic acid chains that are individually helical.
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    • The crystal structure reveals a novel supercoil structure in which four parallel WAT chains form a left-handed superhelix around an antiparallel left-handed proline rich attachment domain helix resembling polyproline II.
    • Consequently, they proposed a compact structural motif for the entire peptide in which the [beta] sheet structure of the superhelix is a sheet with three strands connected by two turns.
    • Apart from its effect on the molecular free energy, the topological constraint determines the total length and diameter of the superhelix, and hence, the volume excluded to another supercoil.



Pronunciation: /ˌso͞opərˈhelikəl, -ˈhēli-/
More example sentences
  • Its major biological role in the bacterial cell is the removal of excessive negative supercoils from DNA to maintain the DNA at optimal superhelical density along with DNA gyrase.
  • Based on our previous work on superhelical DNA and polynucleosomes, it reintegrates aspects of the ‘solenoid’ and the ‘zig-zag’ models.
  • Intriguingly, experiments show clear differences in the dependence of the formation of paired hix sites and of the formation of the invertasome on the superhelical density [sigma] of the DNA substrate.

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