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Pronunciation: /səˈpres/


[with object]
1Forcibly put an end to: the uprising was savagely suppressed
More example sentences
  • The authorities forcibly suppressed the demonstration.
  • Between the years 1892 and 1894, the Fasci was forcibly suppressed by the government and ordered to disband.
  • This sparked a series of student demonstrations that were savagely suppressed, killing over 100.
subdue, repress, crush, quell, quash, squash, stamp out;
defeat, conquer, overpower, put down, crack down on;
end, stop, terminate, halt
1.1Prevent the development, action, or expression of (a feeling, impulse, idea, etc.); restrain: she could not suppress a rising panic
More example sentences
  • So is it healthier to express or suppress your feelings?
  • In other words, nightmares occur when dreams fail to blunt the body's emotional response, whereas successful dreaming controls and suppresses the feeling in dreams and protects the continuity of sleep.
  • During the first, some were asked to express feelings of anger and others were asked to suppress those feelings.
conceal, restrain, stifle, smother, bottle up, hold back, control, check, curb, contain, bridle, inhibit, keep a rein on, put a lid on
1.2Prevent the dissemination of (information): the report had been suppressed
More example sentences
  • You've ceased to try to deal with the issues, and moved into attempts to suppress information to prevent others from even being exposed to the issues.
  • Regulators suppressed the negative information on the grounds that it might scare families and physicians away from the drugs, according to testimony by drug company executives.
  • The Pakistani authorities have reportedly suppressed this information and not shared it with the US.
censor, keep secret, conceal, hide, hush up, gag, withhold, cover up, stifle;
ban, proscribe, outlaw;
sweep under the carpet
1.3Prevent or inhibit (a process or reaction): use of the drug suppressed the immune response
More example sentences
  • Oral contraceptives are sometimes used for 1-2 months to suppress ovarian function and prevent further cyst formation.
  • By using drugs to suppress the function of the ovaries, researchers think the ovaries could be temporarily shut down during cancer treatment.
  • Some medications can suppress allergic reactions so that the skin testing can't be performed.
1.4Partly or wholly eliminate (electrical interference).
Example sentences
  • The narrowband interference is then suppressed in the signal combiner prior to application to the standard cross correlation process.
  • Spark plug wires that suppress electro-magnetic interference are a necessity in our electronics-rich race cars, but these wires can degrade over time.
  • Due to such a constitution, the generation of the interference light can be suppressed.
1.5 Psychoanalysis Consciously inhibit (an unpleasant idea or memory) to avoid considering it.
Example sentences
  • After his memories were suppressed, he was allowed free access into his subconscious.
  • She stepped into the scalding water of the tub and sank down into her array of bubbles, suppressing the memories of the accident and focusing all her energy on how she was going to convince Melanie she didn't want to try out for the dance team.
  • In addition, the researchers found that the more subjects activated their frontal cortex during the experiment, the better they were at suppressing unwanted memories.



Pronunciation: /səˈpresəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • In contrast with previous findings, our studies suggest that the a1-mum2 mutant phenotype is also suppressible in the aleurone, although this suppression takes more than one generation after the removal of MuDR function.
  • Recessive suppressible Mutator alleles are usually caused by insertions in upstream regions, but interestingly, the tha1-m1 mutation is caused by a Mu1 insertion in an intron.
  • Such suppressible alleles appear to be intrinsically weak, with a low level of read-through that is enhanced when translation termination is disrupted.


Pronunciation: /səˈpresiv/
Example sentences
  • Bambang also said that enactment of the police bill could also become an entry point to the new authoritarian system, as the president could freely utilize the police who are now armed with such a suppressive mechanism.
  • When suppressive security forces tried to disperse the crowd, people resisted and attacked vehicles belonging to the security forces, breaking their windshields.
  • He stressed that the reversion to deflation was a normal phenomenon under the initial stage of the growing and recovering economy, which exerts a suppressive effect on the CPI.


Late Middle English: from Latin suppress- 'pressed down', from the verb supprimere, from sub- 'down' + premere 'to press'.

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Syllabification: sup·press

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