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Syllabification: surf
Pronunciation: /sərf


  • 1The mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef: the roar of the surf
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    • Occasionally, we could hear surf breaking on the reef that surrounded us.
    • With a roar of surf, the wave struck the beach and raced inland toward them.
    • The game is played in the surf, in rough surf with decent booming waves.
  • 1.1 [in singular] A spell of surfing: he went for an early surf
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    • I got up early this morning in the hope to have a surf before work - only to find that it was dead flat here at Llandudno.


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  • 1Stand or lie on a surfboard and ride on a wave toward the shore: learning to surf
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    • He had surfed towards the shore, entered the buffer zone on his board, caught another wave, with the consequence that after a couple of seconds he entered the flagged area and then commenced to walk to the shore.
    • The sand is black, it was very hot and sunny and if we had taken a surfboard we could have surfed on the waves.
    • The Floridian surfed well, but his Brazilian counterpartmanaged an 8.4 toward the end and swung the lead.
  • 1.1 [with object] Ride (a wave) toward the shore on a surfboard: he has built a career out of surfing big waves
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    • We don't know if we still have it in us to surf the big waves.
    • For Slater, his first WCT final of 2004 remained well within grasp until the last wave was surfed.
    • Thanks to its flat bottom, the Transformer spins like a top with the slightest of strokes and surfs standing waves as nimbly as a true kahuna.
  • 1.2 informal Ride on the roof or outside of a fast-moving vehicle, typically a train, for excitement: he fell to his death while surfing on a 70 mph train
  • 1.3 short for channel-surf.
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    • He channel surfed aimlessly as I stared blankly at the TV.
    • He was channel surfing again like he always did when he had nothing better to do.
    • While I was channel surfing, the front door opened and Noah rushed in.
  • 1.4 [with object] Move from site to site on (the Internet).
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    • The allows users to surf the Internet and send e-mails or text messages.
    • Simply surfing the Internet, reading email, downloading music or other files can infect your PC without you knowing it.
    • Basically, I surf the Internet, send a little e-mail, download some music and occasionally work with Microsoft Word.



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  • By mid-afternoon the wind had increased, causing numerous surfers to appear from nowhere and hit the waves.
  • The surfers find it very difficult and sometimes fatal to venture into rough seas.
  • Think Southern California, and you think surfers, seedy motels, and gas-guzzling cars.


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  • When I looked left as I came out of the woods, I could see what appeared to be 30 miles of flat, sunny, golden, wet, surfy shore, a sand highway fringed by blue water and dotted here and there with surfcasters.
  • Covering surfy T-shirts, smart shirts, trendy sweats and cool knits, it's not as over the top as some brands and is selling well.
  • The boarders, though, are weaving a fine line between staying true to their surfy, freewheeling roots and the rewards of success.


late 17th century: apparently from obsolete suff, of unknown origin, perhaps influenced by the spelling of surge.

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