Definition of suture in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈso͞oCHər/


1A stitch or row of stitches holding together the edges of a wound or surgical incision.
Example sentences
  • It was currently held together with sutures, stitches, skin grafts, and even a little metal.
  • There is always a risk of infection and breakdown of sutures at the surgical site, and so it is very important that the family stay in close contact with the surgeon post-operatively.
  • The product is composed of bioabsorbable polymers used in sutures, surgical meshes, and implantable devices.
1.1A thread or wire used for this.
Example sentences
  • Threading the anchors with sutures instead of steel wire resulted in different fixation strengths.
  • With the new barbed sutures, surgeons say, they can make a small incision, then use a long needle to thread the suture under the skin to the place where it needs to be anchored and tie it at the top.
  • He or she cuts the needles off the sutures; threads the first suture through a plastic disposable tourniquet; and places a hemostat on the ends of both aortic purse-string sutures.
1.2The action of stitching together the edges of a wound or incision.
Example sentences
  • The incision is sewn together with very small suture and usually heals quickly.
  • We calculated length of procedure as time in minutes from first incision to last suture and length of stay as operation to day of discharge.
  • Secure CT to skin with suture and cover incision site with vaseline gauze and/or TegadermR dressing.
2A seamlike immovable junction between two bones, such as those of the skull.
Example sentences
  • Craniosynostosis is the second most common birth defect in the face and skull of children, and defined as the premature fusion of the skull bones at the sutures.
  • Term infants have well-formed skull bones separated by strips of connective tissue, sutures, and fontanelles.
  • The neurosurgeon reduces the occipital protuberance by securing the central sagittal strip to the occipital bones using nonabsorbable sutures or 28-g surgical steel wire.
2.1 Zoology A junction between the sclerites of an insect’s body.
Example sentences
  • This is a small holopid with rounded whorls, deep sutures and a body whorl bearing coarse collabral threads.
  • Common are paired dorsal scars immediately in front of the last suture on the dorsal or dorsolateral side of the body.
  • The basis for the confusion arises from the visible suture between somites 4 and 5, which suggests that the fusion is not complete.
2.2 Geology A line of junction formed by two crustal plates that have collided.
Example sentences
  • Remnants of oceanic lithosphere that became trapped along the suture between the colliding continents provide important information about the pre-collisional history of the orogen.
  • The faunas and palaeomagnetic properties of each separate terrane that these sutures enclose must be collected, identified, analysed and assessed in relation to all the other terranes.
  • The presence of this seaway is consistent with geophysical and geological evidence for a suture between the two massifs.


[with object]
Stitch up (a wound or incision) with a suture: the small incision was sutured
More example sentences
  • The incision was carefully sutured and the wound dabbed with 0.2 per cent gentian violet solution and boric acid powder.
  • It is possible that the extra scarring created by not suturing the wound may result in more widespread scar formation and, consequently, a decreased chance of recurrence of the cyst.
  • Bleeding on the scalp is best controlled by suturing the wound.



Pronunciation: /ˈso͞oCH(ə)rəl/
Example sentences
  • The involved suture may appear narrowed, demonstrate parasutural sclerosis, sharpening and straightening of the sutural edges, and development of bony bridges.
  • As in the cervical vertebrae, sutural surfaces for the neural arch pedicels are barely elevated above the dorsal surface of the centrum, and so the floor of the neural canal is only shallowly impressed.
  • The sutural surfaces for the neural arch pedicels are long, constricted medially, and very low; hence, the walls of the neural canal are formed almost entirely by the neural arch.


Late Middle English: from French, or from Latin sutura, from suere 'sew'.

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