Definition of syllabification in English:


Syllabification: syl·lab·i·fi·ca·tion
Pronunciation: /səˌlabəfiˈkāSHən
(also syllabication /səˈlabiˈkāSHən/)


The division of words into syllables, either in speech or in writing.
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  • What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication?
  • A member of the French department at The Johns Hopkins University helped students arrive at correct pronunciation and syllabification of the poetic text prior to recording the vocal versions.
  • However, syllabication serves an important role in writing instruction, providing the writer with a basic formula and starting point.



Pronunciation: /səˈlabəˌfī/
verb (syllabifies, syllabifying, syllabified)
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  • Finally, note that, in verse, the entire line is syllabified as if it were one word.
  • He was also noted for distinctively syllabifying the words in a song: ‘When Ai-eh yam disc-ouraged’.
  • Next we syllabify it and return the created lexical entry.

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