Definition of systemize in English:


Syllabification: sys·tem·ize
Pronunciation: /ˈsistəˌmīz


Another term for systematize.
More example sentences
  • Production lines have been systemised to give a continuous flow of such silk.
  • Furthermore, the literature indicates that most U.S. organizations implement corporate universities to systemize their training efforts, spread a common culture, and encourage employee loyalty in a tight labour market.
  • We all need to systemise to some degree in order to get through life.



Pronunciation: /ˌsistəmiˈzāSHən/
More example sentences
  • This systemization allows the collective to rise above the frenzied anarchy of previous years, and offer the kinds of additional bonuses that were lacking, Hudson says.
  • The Han dynasty, the period of systemization, was certainly a very climactic and exciting period in the history of acupuncture.
  • It is a way of thinking that was born of his need, as an engineer and as a dyslexic, for extreme systemization - and, too, of his need for perpetual re-examination and continual improvement.


More example sentences
  • The systemiser intuitively figures out how things work, or what the underlying rules are controlling a system.
  • Galen was the great compiler and systemiser of Greco-Roman medicine, physiology, pharmacy and anatomy.
  • These stereotypes extend to cognition, with men reported to be systemisers and women empathisers.

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