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Syllabification: tall
Pronunciation: /tôl


1Of great or more than average height, especially (with reference to an object) relative to width: a tall, broad-shouldered man a tall glass of iced tea
More example sentences
  • He stood up to offer a handshake, revealing that he was a tall man, of average but sufficient build.
  • Pour the Pimm's into a tall glass and add the lemon, cucumber and strawberries.
  • Water will trickle audibly here and there, and there'll be the gentle swish of bamboo and tall grasses.
big, large, huge, towering, colossal, gigantic, giant, monstrous; leggy
informal long
high, big, lofty, towering, elevated, sky-high; multistory
1.1(After a measurement and in questions) measuring a specified distance from top to bottom: he was over six feet tall how tall are you?
More example sentences
  • He says you must stand back and look at the tree from a distance to get an idea how tall it is.
  • A tribe of pygmies from the Grasslands of Africa, the Fukawi grow to a height of 4 feet tall.
  • The steel glasses were 3 feet tall and you wonder how all of it fit into one person.
1.2 [as adverb] Used in reference to proud and confident movement or behavior: stop wishing that you were somehow different—start to walk tall!
More example sentences
  • Yet, if he survives the challenges at hand, his political stature will be increased dramatically, and he'll be able to walk tall, proud of his achievements.
  • How are you supposed to be confident and walk tall if you are too tired to even hold your eyelids open?
  • His walk was different too; not too obvious to a glance, but Tommy walked tall and proud; like a man who was not a prisoner but one who had everything under control.
2 [attributive] informal (Of an account) fanciful and difficult to believe; unlikely: sometimes it’s hard to tell a legend from a tall tale
More example sentences
  • He could make you hear his sly smile, he could make you cry at a sad story, he could make you believe a tall tale.
  • It may sound like a tall tale but a Keighley museum has come to the rescue after an Isle of Man exhibition was unable to find any stuffed Manx cats to display - despite the cats originating on the island several hundred years ago.
  • I can't find any info, is this just a tall tale or is it true?
unlikely, improbable, exaggerated, far-fetched, implausible, dubious, unbelievable, incredible, absurd, untrue
informal cock-and-bull


late Middle English: probably from Old English getæl 'swift, prompt' Early senses also included 'fine, handsome' and 'bold, strong, good at fighting'.


a tall order

An unreasonable or difficult demand.
More example sentences
  • It's a bit of a tall order to offer a fully formed alternative view of the world, but we can at least throw up some positive ideas for discussion.
  • It's a tall order, but one of the most straightforward and effective ways to achieve that goal is through education.
  • Making a decent sequel was always going to be a tall order.
demanding, exacting, difficult; unreasonable, impossible



More example sentences
  • The ornamental verbena, sometimes also known as vervain, refers to (among others) Verbena bonariensis, the purple topped tallish plant that has colonised roadways and pasture throughout Australia.
  • The practice in question is the growing of goldenrod, a tallish native weed with feathery yellow plumes.
  • He was a tallish man with rustic brown hair and twinkling blue eyes.


More example sentences
  • The medication cannot be accepted as safe for children until it is known that added tallness will not be associated with some defect of development somewhere in the body.
  • The voice, for example, stays high-pitched, the body develops a rounded contour, and the loss of hormones produces an unusual tallness and also prevents the skin from tanning.
  • He tended to scare off little kids with his tallness, burliness and rareness to smile, but inside he was a nice man.

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