There are 3 main definitions of tee in English:

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tee 1

Syllabification: tee


Words that rhyme with tee

absentee, açai, addressee, adoptee, agree, allottee, amputee, appellee, appointee, appraisee, après-ski, assignee, asylee, attendee, bailee, bain-marie, Bangui, bargee, bawbee, be, Bea, bee, bootee, bouquet garni, bourgeoisie, Brie, BSc, buckshee, Capri, cc, chimpanzee, cohabitee, conferee, consignee, consultee, Cree, debauchee, decree, dedicatee, Dee, degree, deportee, dernier cri, detainee, devisee, devotee, divorcee, draftee, dree, Dundee, dungaree, eau-de-vie, emcee, employee, endorsee, en famille, ennui, enrollee, escapee, esprit, evacuee, examinee, expellee, fee, fiddle-de-dee, flea, flee, fleur-de-lis, foresee, franchisee, free, fusee (US fuzee), Gardaí, garnishee, gee, ghee, glee, goatee, grandee, Grand Prix, grantee, Guarani, guarantee, he, HMRC, indictee, inductee, internee, interviewee, invitee, jamboree, Jaycee, jeu d'esprit, key, knee, Lea, lee, legatee, Leigh, lessee, Ley, licensee, loanee, lychee, manatee, Manichee, maquis, Marie, marquee, me, Midi, mortgagee, MSc, nominee, obligee, Otomi, parolee, Parsee, parti pris, patentee, Pawnee, payee, pea, pee, permittee, plc, plea, pledgee, pollee, presentee, promisee, quay, ratatouille, referee, refugee, releasee, repartee, retiree, returnee, rupee, scot-free, scree, sea, secondee, see, settee, Shanxi, Shawnee, shchi, she, shea, si, sirree, ski, spree, standee, suttee, tant pis, tea, tee-hee, Tennessee, testee, the, thee, three, thuggee, Tiree, Torquay, trainee, Tralee, transferee, tree, Trincomalee, trustee, tutee, twee, Twi, undersea, vestee, vis-à-vis, wagon-lit, Waikiki, warrantee, we, wee, whee, whoopee, ye, yippee, Zuider Zee
Definition of tee in:
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There are 3 main definitions of tee in English:

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tee 2 Syllabification: tee


1A cleared space on a golf course, from which the ball is struck at the beginning of play for each hole.
Example sentences
  • Many times golf course tees and greens are constructed with materials such as calcareous sands that might require special testing.
  • The last club I hit is the one I'm planning to use for my tee shot on the first hole of the day.
  • He has already taken his tee shot at the first hole and the injury is clearly hampering his swing.
1.1A small peg with a concave head that can be placed in the ground to support a golf ball before it is struck.
Example sentences
  • Stick a tee into the ground on an angle, so that the top of it rests just behind the target side of the ball.
  • Stick a tee halfway into the ground and stand at address as if a ball were there.
  • In fact, take some popcorn to the practice tee and alternate hitting golf balls and pieces of popcorn.
1.2 Football A small stand on which the ball is placed for a kickoff.
Example sentences
  • The "kickoff kid" is responsible for removing the tee from the field after each Broncos kickoff.
  • Utilization of the football tee will facilitate kickoff practice.
  • This football tee is weighted for stability.
1.3US A waist-high or higher stand used in tee-ball to hold a baseball before it is hit with a bat.
[ Late 17th century (originally Scots, as teaz): of unknown origin]
Example sentences
  • The batting tee should be situated about 3 feet behind home plate.
  • This is a nice practice batting tee for little kids.
  • When using a conventional batting tee, players tend to lunge forward, on top of their front leg.
2A mark aimed at in lawn bowling, quoits, curling, and other similar games.
[ Late 18th century (originally Scots): perhaps the same word as tee1]
Example sentences
  • Nowadays the curling 'tee' is the line through the centre of the 'house' in curling and is in fact the target not the release line, which is the 'hog' line.
  • Two men played two quoits each against each other throwing them a distance of 18 yards, in aiming the quoit he was assisted by a "leader in" who crouched behind the tee holding a piece of paper.

verb (tees, teeing, teed)

[no object] (usually tee up or tee something up) Golf Back to top  
1Place the ball on a tee ready to make the first stroke of the round or hole: he had not missed a par as he teed up for the last hole [with object]: she fished in her pocket for a ball and teed it
More example sentences
  • The first came on the 204-yard 10th hole, when Jack teed up with his driver and hit his ball in the cup.
  • He then teed up his ball… and duck-hooked it right into the side of his own house.
  • Then Bob teed up his ball and aimed to the right, directly toward the trees that flanked the fairway.
1.1 [with object] (Especially in soccer) place or move the ball into position to be struck by another player: McKenzie was teed up perfectly 16 yards from goal by Samuel he teed up the ball for a shot on goal
More example sentences
  • Toward the cape, a shining white radar dome was teed up on top of the gumdrop mountain.
  • Today there's an apple, a smug looking egg teed up in a cup.

Phrasal verbs

tee off
Golf Play the ball from a tee; begin a round or hole of golf: we spend ten minutes practicing putting before we tee off
More example sentences
  • With a three-shot cushion, Tiger Woods tees off at the last hole - and sends his drive straight up the middle of the fairway.
  • The day began early at the Royal Golf Course where competitors teed off.
  • Batting in softball, teeing off in golf and hitting a forehand in tennis also require the type of muscle conditioning provided by this exercise.
informal1.1 Make a start on something.
Example sentences
  • Let's tee off to a good start.
tee off on someone/something
US informal Sharply attack someone or something: he will tee off on conservative politicians Chang teed off on his opponent’s serve
More example sentences
  • And that was mainly due to a terrible cut over his eye that hindered his vision while Colin teed off on him.
  • If you're off by a hair, the batter will tee off on you.
  • Andrew and Mickey are teeing off on John.
tee someone off
(usually be teed off) North American informal Make someone angry or annoyed: Tommy was really teed off at Ernie
More example sentences
  • It was one of those things that tees you off, and I responded to that.
  • One thing that really tees me off about the tournament, especially in the early rounds is you can't watch the game that you really want.
  • So I am teed off at Buster the bunny because this is all his fault.
Definition of tee in:
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There are 3 main definitions of tee in English:

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tee 3 Syllabification: tee


A T-shirt.
Example sentences
  • Get a few pairs of nice, washed dark denim jeans, a stylish cut dark blazer or sportcoat, a few pinstripe dress shirts, some tees with prints, a pair of stylish black shoes, and a black belt.
  • The trendsetting active wear includes velour sweat suits, tees, shorts, tank dresses and jeans.
  • Call them T-shirts, tee shirts or tees, they're still hot sellers on the trendy fashion scene.
Definition of tee in:
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