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third class

Syllabification: third class


[in singular]
  • 1A group of people or things considered together as third best.
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    • To you few lacklustre folk in the third class; consider yourselves suspended (until you fix up).
  • 1.1British A university degree or examination result in the third-highest classification.
  • 1.2US A cheap class of mail for advertising and other printed material that weighs less than 16 ounces and is unsealed.
  • 1.3chiefly • historical The cheapest and least comfortable accommodations in a train or ship.
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    • By comparison rail fares were around 1d per mile in first-class and 1 / 2d in third-class.
    • Her first passage cost twenty dollars and she and all the other immigrants on board travelled in steerage or third-class.
    • It doesn't matter whether you are in first class or third class, but it is essential that you get on the train.

adjective & adverb

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  • 1Of the third-best quality or of lower status: [as adjective]: many indigenous groups are still viewed as third-class citizens
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    • Set in 1939, the film tells the story of one widow as she attempts to deal with her third-class status in India.
    • If not for its efforts, our society and its institutions would still be quite exclusive, and we would still be truly third-class citizens.
    • The triumph of the civil rights movement was that it removed the legal practices of segregation, which made black people second and third-class citizens.
  • 1.1 [as adjective] British Of or relating to the third-highest division in a university examination: he left university with a third-class degree
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    • More specifically, every lecturer realises that awarding a third-class degree (or failing a student in a module) means that his teaching methods will inevitably be called to account.
    • Distracted from his studies, he graduates with a third-class degree and decides to become a writer.
    • She was educated at St Paul's Girls' School and Somerville College, Oxford, where she read modern history and obtained a third-class degree in 1928.
  • 1.2US Of or relating to a cheap class of mail including advertising and other printed material weighing less than 16 ounces: [as adjective]: third-class mail
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    • The divisions operate on a semiannual schedule, sending spring and fall meeting abstracts and newsletters to their members via third-class mail.
    • Note of course that filing a change of address or hold in her name is a crime, and a change of address wouldn't stop the third-class mail anyway.
    • The print material is sent via first-class mail the same day the video is sent via third-class mail.
  • 1.3chiefly • historical Of or relating to the cheapest and least comfortable accommodations in a train or ship: [as adjective]: a suffocating third-class compartment [as adverb]: I traveled third class across Europe
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    • He said the third-class train had no dining car, but that passengers often brought gas cylinders and small stoves aboard despite regulations forbidding it.
    • The description of their honeymoon voyage on a third-class train in India is a predictable Orientalist travelogue.
    • What, I wondered, were second- and third-class accommodations like?

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