Definition of thrifty in English:


Syllabification: thrift·y
Pronunciation: /ˈTHriftē

adjective (thriftier, thriftiest)

1(Of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
More example sentences
  • I'm cheap (or rather thrifty and money smart), but a lot of cultures don't tip.
  • Living on imported food was not a thrifty way to spend money.
  • Being thrifty with his money is not something the Bond star is renowned for.
frugal, economical, sparing, careful with money, penny-wise, provident, prudent, abstemious;
parsimonious, penny-pinching, cheap
2chiefly archaic dialect (Of livestock or plants) strong and healthy.
More example sentences
  • The primary goals of most forest management plans are to grow healthy, thrifty trees and also to remove the defective, diseased trees - replacing them with healthy vigorous ones.
2.1 archaic Prosperous.



More example sentences
  • And they wind up in the ER with complications from untreated chronic problems, requiring care that is considerably more expensive than the ongoing management they thriftily refused.
  • Kipling, like many others, blamed the Government of India for trying to conduct the occupation of Mesopotamia too thriftily.
  • Is there not more scope for dishes like fishcakes and seafood stews where fish is thriftily combined with cheap decent ingredients?


More example sentences
  • Had their share of business activity been greater, their increase in thriftiness and prudence might have deepened or prolonged the recession.
  • Of course it's more practical and economical to buy an inexpensive, bottom of the range import but, let's face it, there's little elegance in thriftiness, and no store of value.
  • Strictly speaking, there is no gene for a sucking reflex, let alone for female coyness or Scottish thriftiness or cognizance of the concept of zero.

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