Definition of transaction in English:

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Pronunciation: /tranˈsakSH(ə)n/
Pronunciation: /tranˈzakSH(ə)n/


1An instance of buying or selling something; a business deal: in an ordinary commercial transaction a delivery date is essential
More example sentences
  • The figures show a similar trend to those for the whole of the UK, with more buy transactions than sell transactions over the course of last year.
  • Whereas equities and bonds are easy to buy and sell, property transactions are more complicated, more costly and consequently less frequent.
  • I was fortunate to witness several great items that were sold in private transactions.
deal, business deal, undertaking, arrangement, bargain, negotiation, agreement, settlement;
1.1The action of conducting business.
Example sentences
  • The Council shall adopt rules and procedures for the conduct and transaction of its business at its meetings.
  • The transaction of public affairs was impeded by repeated efforts to usurp pairing the security of property in slaves, and reducing those States which held slaves to a condition of inferiority.
  • A short business session was held for the transaction of routine matters.
conduct, carrying out, negotiation, performance, execution
1.2An exchange or interaction between people: intellectual transactions in the classroom
More example sentences
  • To get to the bottom of the issue, we should note that economics is little more than the study of human interactions or transactions.
  • In our normal transactions and interactions with others, our ego seems to play a major role in determining how we treat them.
  • Arrangements are defined to include transactions, agreements, understandings, promises or undertakings.
1.3 (transactions) Published reports of proceedings at the meetings of a learned society.
Example sentences
  • In 1938, Mott and Littleton published a seminal paper in Transactions of the Faraday Society on the calculation of defect energies in NaCl.
  • These transactions are available for online access (papers are placed on the web once they are accepted), and also released as hardcopy once per year.
  • The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is pleased to announce the online availability of all papers published in the ‘Transactions of the Western Section of The Wildlife Society’.
1.4An input message to a computer system that must be dealt with as a single unit of work.
Example sentences
  • The standard relational database offers transaction processing and XML to relate tables to each other.
  • The legacy transaction processing systems may not yet be adequate for those purposes.
  • Database and transaction processing systems are often implemented on RAID systems.



Pronunciation: /-SHənl-ē/
Example sentences
  • Knowledge constructed transactionally (among teachers and peers) is more sophisticated than knowledge a student might construct on his or her own.
  • Will customers who are transactionally motivated be receptive to a full-service strategy?
  • There is simply a series of debits and credits which are causally and transactionally linked.


Late Middle English (as a term in Roman law): from late Latin transactio(n-), from transigere 'drive through' (see transact).

  • actor from Late Middle English:

    An actor was originally simply ‘a doer’, usually an agent or an administrator; the theatrical sense dates from the 16th century. Like act (Late Middle English) it comes from Latin actus ‘thing done’, which comes from agere ‘to do, drive’. This is the basis of other English words such as agenda (early 17th century) ‘things to be done’; agent (Late Middle English) ‘someone or thing who does things’; agile (Late Middle English) ‘able to do things’; agitate (Late Middle English) originally meaning ‘drive away’; ambiguous (early 16th century) ‘drive in both ways’, a word, which appears to have been coined by the English scholar and statesman Sir Thomas More (1478–1535), originally in the sense ‘indistinct, obscure’; transaction (Late Middle English) ‘something driven across or through’ and many more. Actuality (Late Middle English) originally had the sense ‘activity’; from Old French actualite from actualis ‘active, practical’. The modern French word actualité (usually meaning ‘news’) is sometimes used in English to mean ‘truth’, a sense not found in French as in: ‘When asked why the company had not been advised to include the potential military use, he [Alan Clark] said it was our old friend economical…with the actualité’ (Independent 10 November 1992).

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Syllabification: trans·ac·tion

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