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Syllabification: tran·script
Pronunciation: /ˈtran(t)skript


1A written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium.
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  • After writing out the transcript of that conversation, I can now see the error I made.
  • The coding of such materials as interview transcripts has typically entailed writing marginal notes on them and gradually refining those notes into codes.
  • It may be that the respondent will reproduce the transcript as part of the further material.
written version, printed version, script, text, transliteration, record, reproduction
1.1 Biochemistry A length of RNA or DNA that has been transcribed respectively from a DNA or RNA template.
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  • Codon bias allows mRNA transcripts to be translated more quickly and accurately through efficient use of the transfer RNA pool.
  • For the structures in figure 2 to form, complete individual tRNA gene transcripts are required.
  • Both transcripts from the mutated allele are thus likely to encode completely nonfunctional GLB1 proteins.
1.2An official record of a student’s work, showing courses taken and grades achieved.
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  • Request unofficial copies of student transcripts and copies of course descriptions to aid the new school in the selection of proper classes.
  • You receive a grade on your transcript for your internship course, just as you do for your academic courses.
  • During this time, I received official transcripts of all my course work at the University of Massachusetts.
student record, grades, report card


Middle English: from Old French transcrit, from Latin transcriptum, neuter past participle of transcribere (see transcribe). The spelling change in the 15th century was due to association with the Latin.



Pronunciation: /ˌtranˈskriptiv/
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  • What transcriptive technology can record the truth of inessentiality?
  • Thus it is possible that the kind of thought in which mathematicians engage is transcriptive thought.
  • While transcriptive mappings can be useful in writing libraries, they impose a run-time cost on the subprogram.

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