Definition of transcription in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌtran(t)ˈskripSH(ə)n/


1A written or printed representation of something.
Example sentences
  • Quotes in this article were derived from tape transcriptions or written notes compiled during interviews.
  • Instead of transcriptions of what he wrote, the book is scanned pages of his journals.
  • Adams changes that to a simple ‘has’ and passes off his version as a word-perfect transcription.
1.1The action or process of transcribing something: the funding covers transcription of nearly illegible photocopies
More example sentences
  • The academic claims to have found 24 transcription errors in one poem and an average of 12 mistakes per page, which he says distort the meaning.
  • Hand written prescription sheets can contribute to drug errors in that they may be illegible, incomplete, or subject to transcription errors when rewritten.
  • SMS text messages are written, unambiguous records of important data and are free of the kind of transcription errors that can occur while dictating results or other information over the telephone.
1.2An arrangement of a piece of music for a different instrument, voice, or number of these: a transcription for voice and lute
More example sentences
  • The pieces in Musicks Hand-maide are transcriptions of such music, played here on the virginals.
  • Yet several works were commissioned for smart urban dance, music-theatre and performance-art events; five of the 22 tracks are clever transcriptions of Shostakovich piano pieces.
  • The pieces were a Schubert-Liszt transcription and a study by Scriabin.
1.3A form in which a speech sound or a foreign character is represented.
Example sentences
  • But her style is often clumsy, particularly when she discusses generalities, and I was worried by apparently unjustified discrepancies in transcription of schwa.
  • The Japanese word zen is the phonetic transcription of the Chinese character chan, which means meditation.
  • In some cases this machine has been known as TMB, incorrectly due to a transcription of the Cyrillic character into Latin script.
1.4 Biochemistry The process by which genetic information represented by a sequence of DNA nucleotides is copied into newly synthesized molecules of RNA, with the DNA serving as a template.
Example sentences
  • Intronic SSRs can affect gene transcription, mRNA splicing, or export to cytoplasm.
  • The gene could be mutated during transcription into the genetic code, and could perhaps make any genetic problem even worse.
  • This mutation does not prevent transcription of the gene since we were able to obtain full-length mutant cDNA.



Pronunciation: /-SHənl/
Example sentences
  • Cadmium avidly binds to polythiol groups in proteins such as metallothionein as well as zinc sites in metalloenzymes and transcriptional factors.
  • It is not a transcriptional regulator but because of the outstanding sequence homology it is considered to be a structural prototype for receiver domains.
  • Differences are not limited to the primary structure of the protein, but are also found at the transcriptional level.


Pronunciation: /-SHənl-ē/
Example sentences
  • The gene is transcriptionally activated in the presence of oxygen and repressed in its absence.
  • More than 300 genes are transcriptionally induced in late G 1 and two promoter elements (SCBs and MCBs) responsible for this regulation have been identified.
  • The silent mating-type loci are transcriptionally silenced by a combination of cis-acting elements and trans-acting factors including the Sir1-4 proteins.


Pronunciation: /-nist/
Example sentences
  • ASR systems are not supposed to work past about 160 words per minute; but transcriptionists find that they need to keep up with people who are often talking in the range of 180-350 wpm.
  • People whose livelihoods could now be at risk include everyone from IT experts to accountants, medical transcriptionists to customer-service representatives.
  • The medical transcriptionists have to toil for hours together, listening to tapes and typing out the notes by doctors.


Late 16th century: from French, or from Latin transcriptio(n-), from the verb transcribere (see transcribe).

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Syllabification: tran·scrip·tion

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