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Syllabification: trans·fer


Pronunciation: /transˈfər, ˈtransfər
(transfers, transferring, transferred)
  • 1Move from one place to another: [with object]: he would have to transfer money to his own account [no object]: I went to sleep on the couch before transferring to my bedroom later in the night
    More example sentences
    • At ten I transferred myself from the couch to the bed.
    • Otherwise, the grease and dirt on the gloves transfers to the couch or clothing.
    • Finally, if you need a blood transfusion (when donated blood is transferred into your body), you may need a blood test to check what blood group you are.
  • 1.1Move to another group, occupation, or service: [no object]: she transferred to the Physics Department [with object]: employees have been transferred to the installation team
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    • He is demanding that the 170,000 federal employees being transferred into the new department lose both their civil service protection and union representation.
    • This figure included some 30,000 new employees - including teachers - who had been transferred from central government departments.
    • For a two-year period, he worked in the old force control room before moving to Kendal traffic department, later transferring to the North and West Traffic Unit.
  • 1.2 [no object] Enroll in a different school or college: Ron transferred to the University of Idaho
    More example sentences
    • If expanding your network of contacts doesn't work, you may want to transfer to a different college.
    • Ad I went to two years in college in Portland and transferred schools down here and went to Loyola and Mary Mount University for a couple semesters.
    • It's not like this is my first job, and yet, I feel like an awkward geeky, loser who's just transferred from a different junior high school.
  • 1.3(In professional sports) move or cause to move to another team: [no object]: he transferred to the Dodgers [with object]: when a player is transferred to the minors by a major league club
    More example sentences
    • He moved over to St. Louis in 1899 when the owner of the two teams transferred his best players to the Cardinals.
    • It drives transfer markets, makes football a viable business and keeps teams fresh.
    • I don't know what goes on in the world of football transfers these days.
  • 1.4Redirect (a telephone call) to another line or extension.
    More example sentences
    • The line was transferred to the man's office and he picked up as Vincent greeted, ‘Hey, Lionel.’
    • Eric heard a click as Haylie transferred the line.
    • She asked if I would like to be transferred to the phone department to talk to someone about the phone charges that are wrong.
  • 1.5 [with object] Copy (a drawing or design) from one surface to another.
    More example sentences
    • He then turned his paper over, before placing it on the canvas and applying powdered chalk to transfer the design to the surface beneath.
    • Additionally, an artist or publisher who transfers an artwork by a license can also retain greater control over the way it is marketed.
    • Students use their previously prepared drawings to transfer their images to the leather-hard clay planter.
  • 1.6 [with object] Copy (data, music, etc.) from one medium or device to another: you can easily transfer your personal data to another PC using the export feature
  • 2 [no object] Change to another place, route, or means of transportation during a journey: John advised him to transfer from Rome airport to the railroad station
    More example sentences
    • A few minutes later, the bus arrives at the location where I need to transfer to another route.
    • It means rail passengers will no longer have to transfer to buses for journeys around Stockport.
    • Another key dislike is transferring, they like a direct journey, really they want to get from A to B as quickly and as easily as possible.
  • 3 [with object] Make over the possession of (property, a right, or a responsibility) to someone else.
    More example sentences
    • First, property rights were transferred from advanced cooperatives to the commune, further centralizing ownership.
    • The Government wants to transfer the onus of responsibility but without giving any remuneration for the costs associated with it.
    • Moreover, one party cannot simply extinguish its responsibility by transferring custody to another.
  • 4 [with object] (usually as adjective transferred) Change (the sense of a word or phrase) by extension or metaphor: a transferred use of the Old English noun
    More example sentences
    • I am a lapsed Catholic and have no doubt transferred that sense of scripture from the Bible to poetry.
    • Quite different is the Chinese term ‘scorch heart’, which transfers the metaphor of heat to the domain of worry.
    • Because the different strands of Victorian intellectual life were so interconnected, metaphors were constantly transferred from one to another.


Pronunciation: /ˈtransfər
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  • 1An act of moving something or someone to another place: a transfer of wealth to the poorer nations she was going to ask her boss for a transfer to the city a patient had died after transfer from the County Hospital to St. Peter’s
    More example sentences
    • One tool might be to authorize interbasin transfers, moving water from one basin to another.
    • Gift economies are not so much exchanges between two agents as they are transfers, the sheer moving of stuff through webs of human relations.
    • Not only does that entail a transfer of wealth from cities to suburbs, it also means that services are not supplied where they are most valued.
    move, conveyance, transferral, transference, shift, relocation, removal, switch, transplantation
  • 1.1British An act of selling or moving an athlete to another team: his transfer from Rangers cost £800,000
  • 1.2A student who has enrolled in a different school or college.
    More example sentences
    • However, there can be no doubt that diminished enrollment in the community colleges reduced the transfer student pipeline.
    • But studies prove that college transfer students do as well in ongoing academic work and in future careers as their direct-entry to university counterparts.
    • Although these campuses are excited about their four-year status, both have a primary goal of serving transfer students from community colleges.
  • 1.3A conveyance of property, especially stocks, from one person to another.
    More example sentences
    • ‘Conveyance’ being the transfer of property from the conveyor to the purchaser.
    • Both parties shall execute all property transfers and documents reasonably necessary to fully effect the sale closing, failing which the court may be spoken to for directions.
    • Article 14 also contains provisions as to what should happen if the transferor defaults in executing a transfer of his shares.
  • 1.4The action of copying data from one medium or device to another.
  • 2A small colored picture or design on paper that can be transferred to another surface by being pressed or heated: T-shirts with iron-on transfers
    More example sentences
    • You can stencil, stamp, use an iron-on transfer or freehand a design.
    • It's easier to use, is more consistent and has a larger surface for bigger transfers.
    • They did a fine job with the transfer, as the picture is clear and crisp.
  • 3An act of changing to another place, route, or means of transportation during a journey: it took three hours and several bus transfers to get there
    More example sentences
    • The shortage of sheltered safe berthing forces commercial craft to moor off in stormy conditions with potentially hazardous transfers in open boats.
    • Despite bursts of slow running south of Fort Lauderdale we arrived at the Miami Metrorail transfer only 7 minutes late.
    • The business folks had shared $80 cab rides from the Miami Metrorail transfer to West Palm Beach.
  • 3.1North American A ticket allowing a passenger to change from one public transportation vehicle to another as part of a single journey.
    More example sentences
    • The new system will feature magnetic FareSaver tickets and ticket transfers which passengers will be able to insert into digital fare boxes on buses.
    • The metro system in the reference design is very cunning: there are only three lines, and everything is reachable with a single transfer.
    • Passengers can ask for a transfer ticket when they board the bus.
    ticket, pass; receipt, proof of purchase



Pronunciation: /ˌtransfəˈrē/
More example sentences
  • The transferees receive a stable/fixed amount per capita, the transferors pay a variable amount per capita.
  • The moral rights law requires that the authors who wish to invoke the right to withdraw indemnify their transferees prior to asserting the right.
  • Most transferees found considerable difficulty in obtaining the additional five hectares, either through buying or renting lands.


Pronunciation: /transˈfərər, ˈtransfərər/
(chiefly Law )
More example sentences
  • The transferees receive a stable/fixed amount per capita, the transferors pay a variable amount per capita.
  • A transferor, including a father or mother, should be allowed to assist the transferee in the normal day to day running of the farm.
  • From this year, the transferee will retain the national reserve allocations granted to the transferor.


More example sentences
  • If client A is a transferrer, the capabilities are released when client B completes it operations.
  • Besides, it also summarizes the status quo of international service outsourcing transferrer and destination market.
  • Unlike third parties the transferrer of an undertaking remains aware of the contents of any transferred know-how, since he cannot divest himself of his own knowledge.


late Middle English (as a verb): from French transférer or Latin transferre, from trans- 'across' + ferre 'to bear'. The earliest use of the noun (late 17th century) was as a legal term in the sense 'conveyance of property'.

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