Definition of transsexual in English:


Syllabification: trans·sex·u·al
Pronunciation: /tran(t)(s)ˈsekSH(əw)əl


1A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.
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  • So transsexuals, although born into one gender, will identify emotionally and psychologically with the other.
  • A transsexual, born in Ramanathapuram, she had a troubled childhood.
  • Some doctors believe that prospective transsexuals really are born into the wrong body; the surgery is therefore corrective.
1.1A person who has undergone treatment in order to acquire the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.
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  • All of these cases have involved transsexuals who underwent their surgeries before getting married.
  • I have pointed out that the woman is like a super-annuated, hormone treated post-operative transexual with a Hitler obsession, but he doesn't seem to get my point.
  • Technically, he was not what today we would call a surgically complete transsexual since initially there was little reconstructive surgery.


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Of or relating to transsexuals.
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  • The relationship between mental health professionals and their transgender / transsexual clients has a long and complicated history - one that has been often characterized in negative terms.
  • This was, after all, a fun day out ‘dragging it up’ as far as I was concerned, and I knew I couldn't possibly do justice to the subject from a transgendered or transsexual perspective.
  • This bill is obviously a clear example of an expression of malice and prejudice against gay, lesbian, transgender, and transsexual people.



Pronunciation: /-ˌlizəm/
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  • I am talking about sadomasochism, transsexualism, transgender identities, and prostitution.
  • This patient may seem to be a rather extreme case, owing to her transsexualism.
  • Before we get to the therapy for people with transsexualism, what about the natural state?


Pronunciation: /-ˌsekSHo͞oˈalitē/
More example sentences
  • My feminism includes heterosexuality - as well as homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality / transgenderism.
  • They don't like it when homosexuality and transsexuality play important roles.
  • Yet these heroic changes, which have largely been driven by transsexual activists, focus solely on transsexuality and gender identity.

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