There are 2 definitions of truckle in English:


Syllabification: truck·le
Pronunciation: /ˈtrəkəl


A small barrel-shaped cheese, especially cheddar.
More example sentences
  • The gentleman in front of her announced that he had come to collect a cheddar - a whole truckle and they are big!
  • Each truckle of cheese is covered in a wax coating.
  • Plenty of crusty bread and a big salad with a simplified cheese board, such as a whole Brie and a small truckle of Cheddar, will go down better than a pudding.


late Middle English (denoting a wheel or pulley): from Anglo-Norman French trocle, from Latin trochlea 'sheave of a pulley'. The current sense dates from the early 19th century and was originally dialect.

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There are 2 definitions of truckle in English:


Syllabification: truck·le
Pronunciation: /


[no object]
Submit or behave obsequiously: she despised her husband, who truckled to her
More example sentences
  • Doll Conovan reliably slips backs into Dix's life every time he's released from jail, but he barely acknowledges her existence even when she shares his apartment and caters to his every whim obsequiously truckling, ‘Yeah!’
  • Sometimes they indulge false hopes that by lying low, truckling, appeasing, they can avoid danger and strife… And this is what seems to have happened in Spain.
  • But the confused combination of ‘respect’ for, fear of, contempt for and truckling to the community was not governed by electoral considerations alone.
kowtow to, submit to, defer to, yield to, back down to, bow and scrape to, be obsequious to, be subordinate to, pander to, toady to, prostrate oneself to, grovel to; dance attendance on, curry favor with, ingratiate oneself with
informal suck up to, crawl to, lick the boots of


mid 17th century: figuratively, from truckle bed; an earlier use of the verb was in the sense sleep in a truckle bed.



Pronunciation: /ˈtrək(ə)lər/
More example sentences
  • Having lived in Canada, my patience for Canadian trucklers and proditors may be less than yours.
  • Even his trucklers couldn't deal with the full impact of his vituperations.
  • What is happening between her trucklers and us is not a debate.

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