Definition of uncivilized in English:


Syllabification: un·civ·i·lized
Pronunciation: /ˌənˈsivəˌlīzd


1(Of a place or people) not considered to be socially, culturally, or morally advanced.
More example sentences
  • But I think it is a necessary confrontation, a final break with the wild and uncivilized world from which Enkidu derives.
  • Well, of course it couldn't be the uncivilized place that some people say it is.
  • Surely, human life could not have started in those uncivilized places.
uncouth, coarse, rough, boorish, vulgar, philistine, uneducated, uncultured, uncultivated, benighted, unsophisticated, unpolished; ill-bred, ill-mannered, thuggish, loutish, redneck; barbarian, primitive, savage, brutish
archaic rude
1.1Impolite; bad-mannered.
More example sentences
  • Please don't be as uncivilized, thoughtless, and cruel as the monsters who committed these senseless acts.
  • High, bright windows shone at us when children; told us of the happy life of music in those houses where the girls stepped daintily and smiled at us, a joke we thought uncivilised and cruel.
  • This is to counter the dumb who don't think they are dumb, and are at the same time crude, uncivilised and unreasonable.

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