Definition of undulate in English:


Syllabification: un·du·late


Pronunciation: /ˈənjəˌlāt
[no object]
1Move with a smooth wavelike motion: her body undulated to the thumping rhythm of the music
More example sentences
  • You can almost see her seductive smile as she slows her dance until only her hips move, body undulating in place.
  • Between us was a sea of bodies, heaving and undulating in waves, to the bar, back again, to the bar.
  • The sidewalk between the beach and road undulates with a wavelike pattern in black and white stone.
rise and fall, surge, swell, heave, ripple, billow, flow, roll;
wind, wobble, oscillate, fluctuate
1.1 (usually adjective undulating) Have a wavy form or outline: delightful views over undulating countryside
More example sentences
  • The path goes for almost four miles through undulating moorland with no views of the sea and you pass several lochans, where divers nest in the summer.
  • The front legs of rococo chairs were undulating symphonies of curves and counter-curves.
  • This is undulating country and for part of the way the road follows the Grey River.


Pronunciation: /ˈənjəˌlət, ˈənjəˌlāt/
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(Especially of a leaf) having a wavy surface or edge.


mid 17th century: from late Latin undulatus, from Latin unda 'a wave'.



More example sentences
  • The leaves are ovate to oblong, 5 to 8 centimeters long, and pointed at both ends, with subentire or undulately toothed or lobed margins.
  • The mid lobe is 1.6 cm wide, thick, fleshy, and its margins are undulately crisped.


Pronunciation: /ˌənjəˈlāSHən, ˌəndyə-/
More example sentences
  • But the police say the road is a 40 mph zone for safety reasons as it has curves, undulations and several sets of traffic lights.
  • Wet roads or dry, the car grips very well on corners and undulations in the road do not throw it off-line.
  • It's a track I enjoy, particularly because of its high speed corners and undulations.


Pronunciation: /ˈənjələˌtôrē, ˈəndyə-/
More example sentences
  • This overall morphological simplicity, in theory, makes tadpoles good models for exploring how vertebrates control undulatory movements.
  • Regional and temporal variation in bending moments and power production have also been predicted to occur during steady undulatory swimming in fish.
  • However, their vertebral structure appears to have retained the primitive undulatory movement of the axial column.

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