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Syllabification: u·ni·form
Pronunciation: /ˈyo͞onəˌfôrm


1Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times: blocks of stone of uniform size the decline in fertility was not uniform across social classes
More example sentences
  • Parliament has approved changes to the Tourism Act that will compel hotels, restaurants and resorts to charge Bulgarians and foreigners uniform prices.
  • Coordinating the activities of the States and advising them on matters relating to uniform administration of the Act and Rules.
  • Across 14 channels, it was amazing how uniform the behaviour pattern was.
constant, consistent, steady, invariable, unvarying, unfluctuating, unchanging, stable, static, regular, fixed, even, equal
identical, matching, similar, equal;
same, like, homogeneous, consistent
1.1Of a similar form or character to another or others: a uniform package of amenities at a choice of hotels
More example sentences
  • It'll take about a year to get the packages totally uniform across the country, says SVP-marketing Doug Seserman.
  • During that process, bottles are heated and cooled to strengthen and preshrink them, and to create uniform packages.
  • An agreement was reached to stick a uniform identifier on their products.
2Denoting a garment forming part of a person’s uniform: black uniform jackets
More example sentences
  • Once he had his jacket and uniform shirt taken off, he sat down on his bed.
  • She opened his charred shirt to see that he had trumpets, a Fire Captain's insignia, on the lapel of his white uniform shirt.
  • I was slightly paranoid about sheer shirts of any kind, so I wore a camisole under the uniform shirt.


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1The distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools: airline pilots in dark blue uniforms an officer in uniform
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  • It managed a multitude of critical supply requirements, including desert camouflage uniforms and body armor for deploying soldiers.
  • In addition to suits, the new coating could be applied to hospital garments, sportswear, military uniforms and rain coats.
  • Along with olive drab uniforms and combat boots, these could go to everyone upon enlistment.
costume, livery, regalia, suit, ensemble, outfit;
informal getup, monkey suit, rig, gear
archaic habit
1.1 informal , chiefly North American A police officer wearing a uniform: uniforms were already on the scene


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Make uniform.


mid 16th century (as an adjective): from French uniforme or Latin uniformis (see uni-, form). sense 1 of the noun dates from the mid 18th century.



Pronunciation: /ˈyo͞onəˌfôrmlē, ˌyo͞onəˈfôrm-/
More example sentences
  • The West German press reaction was uniformly hostile, though to France and not to Kohl.
  • It is now uniformly tasteful and consistent - in fact, a triumph of good taste.
  • An electric field was applied uniformly throughout the system to all mobile atoms.

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