Definition of unimaginative in English:


Syllabification: un·im·ag·i·na·tive
Pronunciation: /ˌəniˈmaj(ə)nədiv


Not readily using or demonstrating the use of the imagination; stolid and somewhat dull.
More example sentences
  • I thought the responses by both men dull and unimaginative or, as Paul Lewis wrote, ‘lacking a big idea’.
  • Perhaps it wasn't edge of the seat stuff, but neither was it deadly dull and wholly unimaginative.
  • How simple and unimaginative does America's imagination have to be if it can be captured that easily with a horse!
uninspired, uninventive, unoriginal, uncreative, commonplace, pedestrian, mundane, institutional, ordinary, routine, matter-of-fact, humdrum, workaday, run-of-the-mill, by-the-numbers, hackneyed, trite, hoary



More example sentences
  • It was really a rather lazily researched and unimaginatively produced explanation for the demise of the pub as England's unique offering to the world of entertainment.
  • Avoid room service - the burgers we ordered around midnight were badly cooked and unimaginatively (though speedily) served.
  • Most of the major house builders now recognise that it is not sufficient to produce an unimaginatively designed house that lacks size or character.


More example sentences
  • In fact, the whole album smacks of unimaginativeness.
  • Adulthood is being equated with unimaginativeness, as if childhood is the only realm of the imagination.
  • The second fault I want to plead guilty to is carelessness in my statement of your view, and unimaginativeness in applying it.

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