Definition of unload in English:


Syllabification: un·load
Pronunciation: /ˌənˈlōd


[with object]
  • 1Remove goods from (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.): she hadn’t finished unloading the car
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    • When workers began industrial action and refused to unload a plane, two union delegates were sacked.
    • As for moving day, we started loading the first car at about 9.00 on Saturday morning and finished unloading the van and three cars by 3.00 that afternoon.
    • Quin watched the men finish unloading the truck, and head inside.
  • 1.1Remove (goods) from a vehicle, ship, container, etc.: the men unloaded the wheat into the bays
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    • Lorries and vans blocked two of Bolton busiest main roads, and tempers boiled over as Ashburner Street stallholders arrived to find they could not unload their goods.
    • You're on the highway for up to 11 hours at a stretch, not to mention putting in another three hours a day loading or unloading goods.
    • I now see people walking their dogs, delivery men unloading their goods, students heading to class.
  • 1.2 [no object] (Of a vehicle, ship, container, etc.) have goods removed: the street was jammed with trucks unloading
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    • Remarkably and against all odds, the drugs are sometimes seen when the truck unloads at the Michigan landfill.
    • Two trucks can unload at the same time while two others are being cleaned.
    • By the time he was fourteen he was a full fledged docker staggering under the crates his boyish frame hauled from the ships unloading at Algeciras.
  • 1.3 informal Get rid of (something unwanted): he had unloaded his depreciating stock on his unsuspecting wife
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    • I said nothing, so as not to spoil the evening, but I do not appreciate other people unloading their junk disguised as gifts on us.
    • But if you never really liked them all that well to begin with, this might be a good time to unload them.
    • We unloaded our spare supplies on them and wished them good luck.
    sell, discard, jettison, offload, get rid of, dispose of; palm something off (on someone), foist something (on someone), fob something off (on someone)
    informal dump, ditch, get shut of
  • 1.4 informal Give expression to (oppressive thoughts or feelings): the meeting had been a chance for her to unload some of her feelings about her son
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    • It's like I couldn't unload my feelings somehow.
    • Each family member does have moments where they unload their thoughts.
    • This letter doesn't have a huge conclusion; I realize that unloading my fears is probably never going to change the world.
    divulge, talk about, open up about, pour out, vent, give vent to, get something off one's chest
  • 2Remove (ammunition) from a gun or (film) from a camera.
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    • They only had a range of about three furlongs and the film had to be unloaded from the camera and rushed to a dark room on the track to be processed before it could be shown to the stewards.
    • The person over there opened the magazine and unloaded the bullets from it.
    • And with each gun she picked up she unloaded the paint bullets and replaced them with the real bullets.



More example sentences
  • But Judge Hyam, the Recorder of London, told Watson: ‘If you had been successful, suspicion would have fallen on innocent people - loaders and unloaders.’
  • All three had volunteered to go up as unloaders for the aerial dropping of supplies at Myola and there is a note in Parer's papers about the planes on the airstrip being parked wingtip to wingtip.
  • This is a truly Stakhanovite effort, by all the maintainers, the pilots, the fuellers and unloaders, and by Air Traffic Control.

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