Definition of untrue in English:


Syllabification: un·true
Pronunciation: /ˌənˈtro͞o


1Not in accordance with fact or reality; false or incorrect: these suggestions are totally untrue a malicious and untrue story
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  • Since the hints and allegations presented thus far are unsupported and in fact untrue, it would be hard indeed to determine their impacts on operations.
  • Well, I know for a fact that this is untrue: the old girl merely sent over an old wig and a pair of inflatable waterwings and demanded that all opera glasses were removed from the auditorium.
  • A fact being irrelevant is not the same thing as a fact being untrue.
false, untruthful, fabricated, made up, invented, concocted, trumped up;
fallacious, fictitious, unsound, unfounded, baseless, misguided
2 [predicative] Not faithful or loyal.
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  • ‘I believe in music’ is her motto and she has never been untrue to it.
  • The screenwriter should give the film its own coherent and persuasive narrative, with an approach that discards the issue of being true or untrue to the original.
  • Hypocrisy, from the Ancient Greek word hypocrites - actor - is the condition of somebody who is untrue to their stated ideals.
3Incorrectly positioned or balanced; not upright or level.
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  • Our adjustable frame systems allow for untrue walls and our kits are delivered fully assembled.


Old English untrēowe 'unfaithful' (see un-1, true).



Pronunciation: /-ˈtro͞olē/
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  • It would be a breach of duty, actionable if followed by damage, to tell her untruly that her child had been burnt.
  • It has been brought to our attention that this was untruly credited and that Joe actually wrote this story.
  • At times, it has been made too easy for autocrats to untruly claim that democracy movements are agents of foreign forces.

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