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Syllabification: up·right
Pronunciation: /ˈəpˌrīt


  • 1Vertical; erect: the posts must be in an upright position
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    • It is a typical stone row, comprising a line of upright stone slabs, constructed about 2000 bc as a ceremonial site.
    • Each gate will have the ability to revolve on a hinge, from a horizontal resting position on the bottom of the sea to an upright position rising above sea level.
    • It clicks into place in an upright position when needed.
  • 1.1(Of a piano) having vertical strings.
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    • About 40 Steinways, including upright and grand pianos, were on sale to amateur musicians and experts hunting bargains.
    • The piano was a shiny black upright model, clean and well-cared for.
    • The piano itself sounds as though it's an old upright one that's seen better days, but it's still able to hold a tune, or at least the memory of one.
    vertical, perpendicular, plumb, straight (up), straight up and down, standing, bolt upright, erect, on end; on one's feet
  • 1.2Greater in height than breadth: an upright freezer
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    • To reduce the height of a fast growing rambling rose on an upright trellis, try looping and tying the flowering canes as shown.
    • They're usually upright, strong growers with green summer leaves and red, orange, and gold fall color.
    • The third common feature of poorly designed logos is an upright shape.
  • 1.3Denoting a device designed to be used in a vertical position: an upright vacuum cleaner
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    • Mr. Starkley looked at the clock incorporated into his pen holder, a pair of upright pens with the clock between them mounted in the hub of a brass ship's wheel.
    • Some light boxes look like upright lamps, while others are small and rectangular.
    • Claim 4 relates to an upright appliance on wheels having a cleaning head with a rotatable brush at the dirty air inlet.


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  • In or into a vertical position: she was sitting upright in bed
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    • He looked steadily at Noel and Powell to show them he'd kept the trees upright.
    • The wreck, called the Borghild, lies upright on the sea bed just offshore from a lighthouse and her decks are at 42m.
    • After a few sessions with a ‘healing horse’ at the academy, he not only walks but sits upright on a horseback on his own.


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  • 1A post or rod fixed vertically, especially as a structural support: the stone uprights of the parapet
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    • The ‘smart’ fence uses breakable metal pins inserted between the top pole and the uprights supporting it.
    • The winds, which had now swung south-east sent great waves over those who still clung to anything they could get a grip on, such as chains, steel uprights or iron support bars.
    • The most common arch form is constructed of steel uprights supported in concrete-filled oil drums, with a trellised head spanning the road.
  • 1.1 (uprights) Football The vertical posts extending up from the crossbar of the goalpost, between which a field goal must pass to score.
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    • Federal came out blazing early and were unlucky not to score when in the first 10 minutes one shot for goal hit the upright and then another went wide.
    • Dyson did make the kick, but it was a close run thing as the ball only went between the posts after bouncing off the right upright.
    • Pat Delahunty was the first player to hit the post as he hit the left upright.
  • 2An upright piano.
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    • One option for families with children studying piano is to purchase uprights with the reduced keyboard and trade up later, as is done with different size violins.
    • The ‘soft pedal’ on some uprights moves the whole set of hammers closer to the strings, so that they give a less powerful blow.
    • Many manufacturers will offer both uprights and grands with smaller keyboards.



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  • A free person lives uprightly, fulfilling his obligations to family, community, nation and God.
  • They are tyrants and ideologues whose sole concern is imposing their Nietzschean will to power upon the weak, the uprightly bourgeois, the decently intentioned.
  • Machiavelli begins by affirming that everybody realizes how praiseworthy it is when a ruler lives uprightly and not by trickery.


Old English upriht, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch oprecht and German aufrecht (see up, right).

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