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Syllabification: urge
Pronunciation: /ərj


[with object and usually infinitive]
  • 1Try earnestly or persistently to persuade (someone) to do something: he urged her to come and stay with us [with direct speech]: “Try to relax,” she urged
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    • We urge him to persuade the president to help mediate the situation.
    • If you don't quite see the point after the first one, I urge you to persist and everything will become clear.
    • Officers urged her to press charges, but her family persuaded her not to.
  • 1.1Recommend or advocate (something) strongly: I urge caution in interpreting these results [with clause]: they are urging that more treatment facilities be provided
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    • Finally, Mahan advocated and strongly urged the building of what he called an Isthmian canal.
    • However, the organization establishes the following principles and strongly urges their adoption by other federations.
    • In a recent newspaper column, Paul resurrects the medical care debate, and strongly urges the implementation of a socialist system of healthcare.
  • 1.2 [with object] Encourage (a person or animal) to move more quickly or in a particular direction: drawing up outside the house, he urged her inside
    More example sentences
    • Ralier kept urging the horse to move, but the animal didn't need persuasion.
    • They rode through the night, urging their horses onwards.
    • The driver urges the horses quickly through the near-empty town.
    encourage, exhort, enjoin, press, entreat, implore, call on, appeal to, beg, plead with, coax; egg on, prod, prompt, spur, goad, incite, push, pressure, pressurize
    formal adjure
    literary beseech
  • 1.3 (urge someone on) Encourage someone to continue or succeed in something: he could hear her voice urging him on
    More example sentences
    • The game still looked in the balance and Rhodes continued to urge Kendal on with his constant ranting from the back.
    • The look in Will's eyes urged her on.
    • I am not rushing you, merely urging you on towards a speedy decision.
    spur (on), force, drive, impel, propel


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mid 16th century: from Latin urgere 'press, drive'.

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