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Syllabification: vac·u·um
Pronunciation: /ˈvakˌyo͞o(ə)m, -yəm

noun (plural vacuums or vacua /-yo͞oə/)

  • 1A space entirely devoid of matter.
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    • Since by definition it contains no matter, the vacuum of space itself has NO temperature.
    • They operate like any rocket engine in the vacuum of space, by propelling gases in one direction to create an opposite and equal force on the craft.
    • I am curious as to exactly when scientists found out that space is a vacuum and not made up of ether?
    emptiness, void, nothingness, vacancy, absence, black hole
  • 1.1A space or container from which the air has been completely or partly removed.
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    • The chamber was then put into a vacuum overnight to remove any remaining trace of organic solvent.
    • After venting to release the vacuum, he removed the detector flange.
    • He creates a vacuum in a glass container, and places one atom of carbon into it.
  • 1.2 [usually in singular] A gap left by the loss, death, or departure of someone or something formerly playing a significant part in a situation or activity: the political vacuum left by the death of the Emperor
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    • The vacuum created by their departure was filled by the club's most committed supporters, who set about raising money and bringing the club back from the brink.
    • The vacuum created by his death 24 years back still remains unfilled.
    • In rural Scotland the retiral of a sitting MP always creates a vacuum which other political parties rush to fill.
    gap, space, lacuna, void
  • 2 (plural vacuums) A vacuum cleaner.
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    • It would be another ten years before the electric vacuum, iron, and frying pan became available as consumer products.
    • Distractions such as rattles, music, or even running a vacuum, washing machine, or blow-dryer may be amusing or comforting to your baby.
    • This is a combination stick and handheld (dust buster style) vacuum and is proving to be perfect for my small apartment.
    vacuum cleaner, vac
    trademark Dustbuster, Hoover


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  • Clean with a vacuum cleaner: the room needs to be vacuumed
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    • I was sick of being the only one who vacuumed common areas, cleaned the bath and toilet or did a load of dishes without quibbling whether I'd eaten off them.
    • Kids don't care if the room has been vacuumed and cleaned.
    • Apparently while I've been at work my son has cleaned up the house, even vacuuming it!


in a vacuum

(Of an activity or a problem to be considered) isolated from the context normal to it and in which it can best be understood or assessed.
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  • We cannot exist in a vacuum, in isolation from what's happening in other parts of the world.
  • All this artistic and scientific activity did not, of course, take place in a vacuum.
  • While the film may be primarily an artistic statement, it does not exist like so much art, in a vacuum, but is placed firmly in context.


mid 16th century: modern Latin, neuter of Latin vacuus 'empty'.

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