Definition of vesiculate in English:


Syllabification: ve·sic·u·late


Pronunciation: /vəˈsikyəˌlāt
Make or become vesicular.
More example sentences
  • The cephalic end of the worm produces an indurated papule that vesiculates and eventually ulcerates.
  • Once inside the cytoplasm the original envelope of the sperm vesiculates and is gradually dismantled.
  • Second, Dan Johnson is overseeing a microgravity experiment designed to measure minute changes in mass as magma moves and vesiculates.


Pronunciation: /vəˈsikyəlit, -ˌlāt
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Containing or covered with vesicles or small cavities.
More example sentences
  • The only other discrete difference appears to be the vesiculate swellings in the peridium, and the phylogenetic significance (heritability, stability) of this trait is poorly defined.

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