Definition of villain in English:


Syllabification: vil·lain
Pronunciation: /ˈvilən


1(In a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot: the terrorists are cartoon villains I have played more good guys than villains
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  • Voldermort is the evil villain in the novel, the murderer of Harry's parents, and the creature who plans to kill Harry.
  • This ancestry may also account for the difficulty of explaining the motives of Shakespeare's villains.
  • This is a line that is greatly overused in action movies where an evil villain has plotted to take over the world… or whatever.
gangster, gunman, thief, robber;
rogue, reprobate, ruffian, hoodlum;
miscreant, scoundrel;
Law malfeasant
informal crook, con, bad guy, baddie, lowlife
dated cad, knave
archaic blackguard
1.1The person or thing responsible for specified trouble, harm, or damage: the industrialized nations are the real environmental villains
More example sentences
  • But it is the Scottish banks which are the real villains of the piece, all huddled together in an abysmal performance right at the bottom of the league table.
  • The real villains of this piece are the weekend cottagers, who bring little to our Dales communities except inflated house prices.
  • They even try to hold the country's governing council responsible for the villain's actions and demand immediate attacks.
2 archaic variant spelling of villein.


Middle English (in the sense 'a rustic, boor'): from Old French vilein, based on Latin villa (see villa).

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