There are 2 main definitions of voltaic in English:

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voltaic 1

Pronunciation: /välˈtāik/


Relating to electricity produced by chemical action in a battery; galvanic.
Example sentences
  • Alpha voltaic batteries use a radioisotope such as Americium, the substance commonly used in smoke detectors, coupled with a semiconductor device that acts like a solar cell to convert alpha energy into usable electricity.
  • The redox reaction in the battery is the source of the electrical energy; batteries are voltaic cells.
  • Because electrons originate at the anode in a voltaic cell, the anode has a (-) charge; electrons enter the cathode, which has a (+) charge.


Early 19th century: from the name of A. Volta (see Volta, Alessandro) + -ic.

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There are 2 main definitions of voltaic in English:

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Voltaic 2

Pronunciation: /välˈtā-ik/ /vōl-/ /vôl-/

adjective& noun

Another term for Gur.
Example sentences
  • Among more than sixty languages spoken in Burkina Faso, thirty-eight belong to the Gur or Voltaic language family, including Mooré, Bwamu, Dagara, and Lobiri.
  • There are four major ethnic groups: Kru, Akan, Mande and Voltaic.
  • Four of the major branches of the Niger-Congo language are spoken among Ivoirians, including the Kwa, Atlantic, Mande, and Voltaic.
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