There are 2 main definitions of whit in English:


Syllabification: whit
Pronunciation: /(h)wit


[in singular]
A very small part or amount: the last whit of warmth was drawn off by the setting sun
More example sentences
  • All of which now makes me wonder: when you come right down to it, did the antitrust trial of the century make a whit of difference?
  • No amount of talk, therapy or talk therapy will make a whit of difference.
  • Did the ending make a whit of sense?


late Middle English: apparently an alteration of obsolete wight 'small amount'.


every whit

Wholly: my mother was fond of her and I shall be every whit as fond
More example sentences
  • Navigating successfully through these novel assumptions will take every whit of mature perspective and human relations expertise that US military leaders can muster.
  • But the Genevan church showed itself every whit as masterful and dogmatic as its Roman rival, and its actions were equally justified by an appeal to Divine authority.
  • Elvis made more money but Boots Roots was every whit as successful.

not (or never) a whit

Not at all: Sara had not changed a whit
More example sentences
  • Not a whit of the initial passion for his work has left him 20 years after his campaign.
  • Most of the dialogue was so-so, but it didn't spoil the movie a whit.
  • And if Mr. Chandran is dubbed as brash and outspoken by the industry's bigwigs, he does not seem to care a whit.

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There are 2 main definitions of whit in English:


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short for Whitsuntide.


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