There are 2 main definitions of wine in English:


Syllabification: wine
Pronunciation: /wīn


1An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice: he opened a bottle of red wine the regional foods and wines of France
More example sentences
  • The fine-wine merchant is the place to go if you want to buy and cellar great vintage wines.
  • He poured the sparkling red wine into a glass at a small table with two chairs around it.
  • For other cheesy dishes, a light, fruity red wine is sometimes better.
informal vino, the grape
literary vintage
1.1 [with modifier] An alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of specified other fruits or plants: a glass of dandelion wine
More example sentences
  • I have invited a couple of people around to play Singstar and drink fruit wine so that should be good.
  • I also got mildly tipsy on fruit wine which was necessary due to bloody coldness.
  • Inside was her fantastic Root from the Twisted Wood, a jug of dandelion wine and a large book of poems.
1.2 short for wine red.


[with object] (wine and dine someone) Back to top  
1Entertain someone by offering them drinks and a meal: members of Congress have been lavishly wined and dined by lobbyists for years
More example sentences
  • Gorgeous actress Kate Beckinsale grabbed the hearts of York males as an amazing 64 per cent said she would be their favourite choice to wine and dine on a romantic evening out.
  • They are not just the major banks, which the Ministers might wine and dine; they are a whole lot of people who run small, localised finance companies that provide credit to New Zealanders.
  • The catering division is used regularly by the Taoiseach to wine and dine visiting dignitaries at Government Buildings and Farmleigh House.
1.1 [no object] Enjoy oneself by eating and drinking lavishly: we wined and dined with Eddie’s and Bernie’s friends
More example sentences
  • Afterwards the members continued with their AGM in high spirit and Bertie proceeded to wine and dine at the Radisson SAS Hotel with the Sligo Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Sligo, Mr. Declan Bree.
  • Surprisingly, the doors are normally closed at weekends as the bulk of trade is carried out during the week days when New Yorkers and ex pats take a break from the hustle and bustle to wine and dine in the popular premises on East 41st Street.
  • They're here to strengthen ties with the U.S., talk a little politics, wine and dine with dignitaries, and test out Camilla's popularity in a nation some call Diana country.


Old English wīn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wijn, German Wein, based on Latin vinum.


good wine needs no bush

proverb There’s no need to advertise or boast about something of good quality as people will always discover its merits.
[a bush was an innkeeper's sign, originally depicting a bunch of ivy used (in place of grape leaves) to show that the establishment sold wine]
More example sentences
  • Although some local officials appear to believe that good wine needs no bush, the more forward-looking Tourist Bureau is now beginning to target the rest of Europe.
  • Those that served quality drinks did not have this sign, hence the origin of the saying good wine needs no bush.
  • If it be true that good wine needs no bush, 'tis true that a good play needs no epilogue.



(also winy) adjective
More example sentences
  • Otherwise, there were yielding green figs in winey, citrusy syrup, with a faultless vanilla ice-cream liquefying sensuously into it.
  • Even the tomato sauce accompanying his delightful goat cheese rosti is special, tasting of ripe, red fresh tomatoes against a mellow winey backdrop.
  • All this anointed with a clear, bright, winey gravy, innocent of thickening gloop and judiciously scented with rosemary.

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There are 2 main definitions of wine in English:


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[no object] West Indian
Dance with rhythmic gyratory movements of the pelvic region: the crowd jumped and wined and churned the field into mud


from wind2, influenced by twine.

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