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Pronunciation: /wiT͟H/
Pronunciation: /wiTH/


1Accompanied by (another person or thing): a nice steak with a bottle of red wine
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  • It is accompanied with a golden vest and hair ornament hanging down to the shoulder.
  • The tamarind provides a novel change to lemon as an accompaniment with the prawn.
  • Stumped for a good red wine capable of accompanying duck served with a bitter cherry sauce?
accompanied by, escorted by, in the company of
1.1In the same direction as: marine mammals generally swim with the current
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  • Our boat drifts with the gentle current for an hour or so before gently motoring over to San Toribo reef.
1.2Along with (with reference to time): wisdom comes with age
1.3In proportion to: the form of the light curve changes with period in a systematic way
2Possessing (something) as a feature or accompaniment: a flower-sprigged blouse with a white collar
More example sentences
  • The Firth of Tay glittered like crumpled silver foil, and the city shone with an inner light.
  • The house was fitted with a smoke alarm at the top of the stairs but the battery had run out.
  • He was wearing dark trousers and a white shirt with a collar, which he wore unbuttoned.
2.1Marked by or wearing: a tall dark man with a scar on one cheek a small man with thick glasses
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  • He was a slight man wearing owl glasses, with thin brown hair that left a bald spot on the back of his head.
  • Thinly built, with thick glasses and K-Mart clothes, Lee is as cheery as he is modest.
  • She was a bit taller than Dai with short thick curly hair and tanned skin, much like his own.
3Indicating the instrument used to perform an action: cut it with a knife treatment with acid before analysis
More example sentences
  • He had a seat belt on and we cut it with a knife and tried to pull him out but we couldn't.
  • They set to work on the oxhide with the knives and cut it into a single thin strip.
  • Quarter the apples, then peel and cut away the core with a small paring knife.
3.1Indicating the material used for some purpose: fill the bowl with water
More example sentences
  • On the table was a vase of plastic wildflowers in a vase partly filled with plastic water.
  • The tin bath was hung on a nail on the back yard wall, was brought indoors on bath days, filled with hot water.
  • We filled it with water and added blue dye, so that if it leaked then we could tell easily.
4In opposition to: we started fighting with each other
More example sentences
  • So much information has come up since my fight with Shirley and none of it is good.
  • Teachers learned about the incident when Kyle was spotted fighting with the boy.
  • He shows a teenage mother fighting with the father of her child about his failings as a parent.
5Indicating the manner or attitude of the person doing something: with great reluctance
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  • She came to his studio with attitude, but cradled his face in her hands to kiss him before she left.
  • Large checks, iridescent fabrics and decadent velvet are all worn with attitude.
  • It meant that down the years we would collide always with the same pleasure.
6Indicating responsibility: leave it with me
More example sentences
  • The final sentence, however, rests with the judge and Beaney may still be put behind bars.
  • The final decision on that rests with the trade and industry secretary.
  • In libel the burden of proof rests with the defendant, and there is no entitlement to legal aid.
7In relation to: my father will be angry with me
More example sentences
  • Other times, he will say that he is angry with us, and that we have to be sad.
  • She was a master of tuning him out when she was angry with him and it drove him nuts.
  • There are a lot of people in power wanting to make it real easy to be angry with America.
8Employed by: she’s with IBM now
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  • If he'd still been employed with us we would have suspended him immediately, but he was retired.
8.1As a member or employee of: he plays with the Cincinnati Cyclones
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  • In August, the future started to look brighter after he secured a job with another removal firm.
8.2Using the services of: I bank with the TSB
9Affected by (a particular fact or condition): with no hope in bed with lumbago
More example sentences
  • I've been laid up in bed with a nasty flu the last few days, and time is warping on me.
  • Blue and yellow are not distinguished by those with this condition, and may be seen as white or grey.
  • It is the largest clinical trial to be carried out in patients with early ovarian cancer.
9.1Indicating the cause of an action or condition: trembling with fear the paper was yellow with age
More example sentences
  • She just stood there; the look of terror on her face increased and she began to tremble with the fear.
10Indicating separation or removal from something: to part with one’s dearest possessions their jobs could be dispensed with
More example sentences
  • The mansions formerly lining the High Street were replaced with retail premises.



away (or off or out, etc.) with

Used in exhortations to take or send someone or something away, in, out, etc. off with his head away with poverty!

be with someone

1Agree with or support someone: we’re all with you on this one
More example sentences
  • The president stated emphatically that though he had asked Powell to be with him and support him in a war, ‘I didn't need his permission.’
  • In a state like Iowa, the winner is probably only going to have 30, 35 percent of the vote, which means about two-thirds of Tom Harkin supporters are going to be with somebody else.
  • For those of you who've been with me from the beginning, thanks for the support and so long.
2 informal Follow someone’s meaning: I’m not with you
More example sentences
  • While we may think the prospect is with us, or understands what we are explaining, it is often difficult for the listener to grasp the logic of our ‘argument’.

with it

1Knowledgeable about and following modern ideas and fashions: a young, with-it film buyer
More example sentences
  • They're aimed at young people wanting to be seen as hip and with it.
2 [usually with negative] Alert and comprehending: I’m not really with it this morning

with that

At that point; immediately after saying or doing something dramatic: with that, she flounced out of the room


Old English, probably a shortening of a Germanic preposition related to obsolete English wither 'adverse, opposite'.

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