Definition of woo in English:

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Pronunciation: /wo͞o/

verb (woos, wooing, wooed)

[with object]
1Try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), especially with a view to marriage: he wooed her with quotes from Shakespeare
More example sentences
  • There have been reports of dozens of roses, love letters and chocolates wooing the female of the species.
  • He would have wooed her, loved her and married her.
  • I knew that I would need to tame her, woo her, gain her trust as if she was a gentle doe.
romantically pursue, pursue, chase (after)
dated court, pay court to, romance, seek the hand of, set one's cap for/at, make love to
1.1Seek the favor, support, or custom of: pop stars are being wooed by film companies eager to sign them up
More example sentences
  • Afternoon tea, for example, at the legendary Reid's Palace Hotel is just one of a range of charming social customs that woos tourists.
  • The move is apparently aimed at wooing the support of residents in the region prior to next April's general elections.
  • Wiranto denied that his visit was a move to woo support from Hamengkubuwono and Golkar constituents in the province.
seek, pursue, curry favor with, try to win, try to attract, try to cultivate



Example sentences
  • Your bark is worse than your bite which hides a tender heart wooable by all the trappings of romance.
  • They must always be aware we are desirable and wooable by rival males and or females.
  • Herewith some time-tested tips to wooing the eminently wooable, just in case your town gets Olympic Fever, too.


Pronunciation: /ˈwo͞oər/
Example sentences
  • It helped her get into a fancy boarding school, for instance, but it also attracted superficial wooers looking for the ultimate status accessory.
  • Fun-loving, spirited, humorous and attracted to outdoor amour, be warned that these high energy, exuberant wooers set a strapping pace.
  • These days we have heard of similar heroic undertakings by resolute wooers.


Late Old English wōgian (intransitive), āwōgian (transitive), of unknown origin.

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