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Pronunciation: /yēld/


1 [with object] Produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product): the land yields grapes and tobacco
More example sentences
  • Of all sugary plant produce, none yields a commodity as highly valued or widely grown as grape wine.
  • Cross-referencing among chapters is excellent, yielding a product that appears more integrated than such symposium-product volumes often are.
  • In 17 of 19 cases PCR yielded nonspecific products or failed.
1.1(Of an action or process) produce or deliver (a result or gain): this method yields the same results
More example sentences
  • There are more direct and quicker methods that yield similar results.
  • Such strong methods have yielded results.
  • This method yielded excellent results because there was improvement of 15 to 20 per cent each time a teacher repeated the exercise.
produce, bear, give, supply, provide, afford, return, bring in, earn, realize, generate, deliver, offer, pay out
informal rake in
1.2(Of a financial or commercial process or transaction) generate (a specified financial return): such investments yield direct cash returns
More example sentences
  • These arrangements can yield distribution and processing savings on both sides.
2 [no object] Give way to arguments, demands, or pressure: the Western powers now yielded when they should have resisted he yielded to the demands of his partners
More example sentences
  • It is reported that the company yielded to the toughest demand to avoid government intervention.
  • She yielded to their demands.
  • At the age of 76, Jenkins finally yielded to public demand and performed at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944.
surrender, capitulate, submit, relent, admit defeat, back down, climb down, give in, give up the struggle, lay down one's arms, raise/show the white flag
informal throw in the towel, cave in
give in to, give way to, submit to, bow down to, comply with, agree to, consent to, go along with;
grant, permit, allow
informal cave in to
formal accede to
2.1 [with object] Relinquish possession of (something); give (something) up: they might yield up their secrets they are forced to yield ground
More example sentences
  • The Ospreys struggled to secure quality first-phase possession, naively throwing long at the lineout, which often yielded possession back to the enthusiastic Blues.
  • Scholars do not yield their ground readily unless the evidence against their position is overwhelming.
  • Without yielding much ground, I sympathize.
relinquish, surrender, cede, remit, part with, hand over;
make over, bequeath, leave
2.2 [with object] Cease to argue about: I yielded the point
2.3(Especially in a legislature) allow another the right to speak in a debate: I yield to the gentleman from Kentucky
2.4chiefly North American Give right of way to other traffic.
Example sentences
  • Motorists will be able to proceed through the intersection after yielding to circulating traffic on the left.
  • He said under the new traffic system, motorists drive around the green as they would around a roundabout, yielding to traffic coming from the right and travelling in a clockwise direction.
  • The safety authority wanted all vehicles approaching a T-junction from a minor road to yield to right-turning traffic from a through road.
2.5(Of a mass or structure) give way under force or pressure: he reeled into the house as the door yielded
More example sentences
  • The structure yields.
  • The upper right-hand corner yielded to a slight pressure.
bend, give, give way


1The full amount of an agricultural or industrial product: the milk yield was poor
More example sentences
  • It severely reduces agricultural yields and productivity.
  • The majority of the continent's population is employed in agriculture characterized by low yields and low labor productivity.
  • Genetically engineered super plants are expected to boost agricultural yields significantly.
1.1 Finance The amount of money brought in, e.g., interest from an investment or revenue from a tax; return: an annual dividend yield of 20 percent
More example sentences
  • While Twain was most impressed with the productivity of Hawaiian acreage, both in terms of yields and returns on capital, he devoted the bulk of his article to a discussion of labour.
  • US shares returned a total yield for the period of less than zero, giving the lie to the often-heard pronouncement that long-term stock market returns are always healthy.
  • Becoming a real landlady is a lot of work and the apartment market is only returning an annual yield of about 2.5%, barely enough to cover inflation.
profit, gain, return, dividend, earnings
1.2 Chemistry The amount obtained from a process or reaction relative to the theoretical maximum amount obtainable.
Example sentences
  • These new constraints sometimes conflict: maximum yield is often obtained with large amounts of N, increasing the risks of N leaching.
  • The weight of each arrow reflects the relative yield of each dissipative process, in a non-proportional manner.
  • Eventually, 16 glycoconjugated porphyrins 3 and 5 were obtained in moderate yield.
1.3(Of a nuclear weapon) the force in tons or kilotons of TNT required to produce an equivalent explosion: yields ranging from five kilotons to 100 tons
More example sentences
  • Nuclear weapon yields are measured as kilotons or megatons (one million tons of TNT).
  • Clearly laid out are the step-by-step improvements in the safety, weight, and yield of American nuclear weapons, and in their readiness for use.
  • Chapelcross is Britain's only producer of tritium, a radio-active gas which is essential for boosting the explosive yield of nuclear bombs.



Pronunciation: /ˈyēldər/
sense 1 of the verb.
Example sentences
  • High yielders and heifers suffer most with tight grazing.
  • High yielders have not disappointed investors lately.
  • He is avoiding high yielders such as WH Smith, Northern Foods and Premier Foods.


Old English g(i)eldan 'pay, repay,' of Germanic origin. The senses 'produce, bear' and 'surrender' arose in Middle English.

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