There are 2 main definitions of Z in English:


Syllabification: Z
(also z)

noun (plural Zs or Z's)

1The twenty-sixth letter of the alphabet.
1.1Denoting the next after Y in a set of items, categories, etc.
1.2Denoting a third unknown or unspecified person or thing: X sold a car to Y (a car dealer) who in turn sold it to Z (a finance company)
1.3 (usually z) The third unknown quantity in an algebraic expression.
[the introduction of x, y, and z as symbols of unknown quantities is due to Descartes (see X1)]
1.4 (usually z) Denoting the third axis in a three-dimensional system of coordinates: [in combination]: the z-axis
2A shape like that of a capital Z: [in combination]: the same old Z-shaped crack in the paving stone
3Used in repeated form to represent the sound of buzzing or snoring: I’m being overcome with weariness as I write ... zzzzz, zzzzz


catch some (or a few) Zs

North American informal Get some sleep: I’ll go back to the hotel and catch some Zs
More example sentences
  • I was catching a few Zs on the lower bunk in our call room.
  • Why is it whenever I try to catch some Zs all I can hear is you two squawking?

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There are 2 main definitions of Z in English:


Syllabification: Z



Definition of Z in: