Synonyms of absorb in English:



  • 1 when wood gets wet, it absorbs water and expands
    [Antonyms] exude, give out
  • 2 patience is needed to absorb all this information
    assimilate, digest, ingest, take in, imbibe, drink in, familiarize oneself with;
    comprehend, grasp, learn, understand, master
  • 3 the company was absorbed into the new concern
    incorporate, assimilate, integrate, appropriate, take in, subsume, include, co-opt, swallow up
  • 4 these roles absorb most of his time and energy
  • 5 the inner lining will absorb some of the sound
    deaden, soften, cushion;
    reduce, decrease, lessen;
    soak up
    [Antonyms] reflect, increase
  • 6 she was absorbed in a letter when Mervyn came into the room
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