Synonyms of aid in English:



  • 1 with the aid of his colleagues he prepared a manifesto
    [Antonyms] hindrance
  • 2 we have provided valuable economic and humanitarian aid
    donations, funding, contributions, subsidies, benefits, welfare, gifts, grants, relief, charity, financial assistance, subvention, alms, offerings, handouts, largesse; patronage, sponsorship, backing; scholarships, bursaries; debt remission
    informal a leg up, shot in the arm
  • 3 a hospital aid
    helper, assistant
    informal girl/man Friday
  • verb

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  • 1 he was liable to provide an army to aid the King of England
    help, assist, abet, come to the aid of, give assistance to, lend a hand to, be of service to; avail, succour, sustain; support, back, back up, second, stand by, uphold
    [Antonyms] hinder
  • 2 essences can be added to your bath to aid restful sleep
    facilitate, promote, encourage, help, speed up, hasten, accelerate, expedite, further, boost, give a boost/lift/push to, spur on, smooth/clear the way for
    [Antonyms] discourage hinder
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    aid, help, assist, support
    See help

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