Synonyms of approval in English:



  • 1 proposals for the licensing system will now go forward to the ministry for approval
    acceptance, agreement, consent, assent, acquiescence, compliance, concurrence; blessing, imprimatur, seal/stamp of approval, rubber stamp; sanction, endorsement, ratification, authorization, mandate, licence, validation; confirmation, support, backing; permission, leave
    informal the go-ahead, the green light, the OK, the thumbs up, the nod, say-so
    [Antonyms] refusal
  • 2 Lily looked at him with approval
    approbation, appreciation, favour, liking, encouragement, support, acceptance; admiration, regard, esteem, respect, commendation, applause, acclaim, acclamation, praise
    [Antonyms] disapproval
  • Phrases

    on approval

    we would be happy to send you a selection on approvalon trialunder probationon sale or returnBritish informalon appro

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