Synonyms of arch in English:



  • 1 a stone arch was built at the entrance
    archway, vault, span, dome; bridge
  • 2 the arch of the spine
    curve, bow, bend, arc, semicircle, sweep; curvature, convexity, curving, curling, bending, flex; hunch, crook
  • verb

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  • she arched her eyebrows and shrugged
    curve, bow, bend, arc, curl
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    Word of the day impudicity
    Pronunciation: ˌimpyəˈdisitē
    lack of modesty

    Synonyms of arch in English:



  • ‘I wonder for how long!’ he said in a somewhat arch tone
    knowing, playful, mischievous, puckish, roguish, impish, elfin, devilish, naughty, wicked, cheeky, teasing, saucy, flippant, tongue-in-cheek; artful, sly, cunning, affected
    archaic frolicsome
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