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Synonyms of avoid in English:


  • 1 I avoid many of the situations that used to stress me
    keep away from, stay away from, steer clear of, circumvent, give a wide berth to, give something a miss, keep at arm's length, fight shy of
    [Antonyms] confront
  • 2 by resigning today, he is trying to avoid responsibility for the political crisis
    evade, dodge, sidestep, skirt round, bypass;
    escape, run away from
    informal duck, wriggle out of, cop out of, get out of
    British informal funk
    Australian/New Zealand informal duck-shove
    archaic decline
    [Antonyms] face up to
  • 3 Guy jerked back to avoid a blow to the head
    duck, dodge, get out of the way of, body-swerve;
    Scottish & Northern English  jouk
  • 4 you've been avoiding me all evening
    shun, stay away from, evade, keep one's distance from, hide from, elude;
    informal, dated give someone the go-by
    archaic bilk
    [Antonyms] seek out
  • 5 women planning to become pregnant should avoid drinking alcohol altogether
    [Antonyms] indulge
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